Just another manic Monday…



1.a. Blake Lively, that is all.

1.b. Once this pot of coffee and container of diet cordial is finished (should be sometime in the next few days), I’m going all water and black tea, green preferably. I’m quaking in my boots already.

2. I cried a little on the inside this past week when I visited the Feel Unique website, I blame Lisa Eldridge and Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries.

3. Today I woke up, grabbed coffee (see: point one, it’s going to be HARD!) and my protein shake, and settled in to watch Lily Pebbles’ “Then & Now” video. I think this is such a good idea for reflection, I find that we really only get it together more so as every year goes on. I know I for sure don’t look back on my teens and early 20’s and think “gees, I wish I was still 19 or 20, those were the good years”, I mean, sure they were fun times and we reminisce about them good and bad, but never want to go backwards. Then again I don’t feel like this is IT as of yet, and I think that every year is just going to get better. I’m only 25. Onwards and upwards.

4. I’ve got Orange is the New Black’s episodes queued up to watch this weekend when I declutter my cupboards (yes, the mess is still on the floor waiting to be sorted). 

5. The girls over at A Beautiful Mess updated the kitchen in their studio, and it is gorgeous! I am mainly loving the idea to have a larger window installed as this is something I actually want to do one day in the house we’re in.

6. The moment Sephora hits our shores this December I am going to tear it up and send my sister in for some Formula X. Sounds like a drug, but it’s a nail polish range. I think I’m addicted already. Their instore swatching process is genius.

7. Also, on Youtube – a day in the life of Eva Chen. She is the Jenna to my Mustard.

8. During the week Google updated the Android version of Google Chrome (my fave internet browser for those of you who didn’t know), so that there is an “undo close tab” option. I am stoked, this is such a time saver as I too frequently have the ‘doh!’ moment.

9. I’m a bit excited that MaxFactor is bringing out their FaceFinity primer as just a primer, as the FaceFinity 3 in 1 Primer, Foundation and Concealer product is one of my favourite foundies, so much so I’m onto my second bottle of it. 

10. I’m hoping to do a couple of the “Four or More” product posts. Hoping. Don’t hold your breath.

This week, while the State of Origin is on, I’m going to go and see Xmen with one of my friends and I’m stoked. It’s been a while. What are you getting up to this week?

Mid-week purge of thinking things


The above photo gives me shower envy, I think it’s from Into The Gloss somewhere?
Anyway, How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes out in a few weeks.
I’m going to go and see the new Xmen as soon as I can.
I have two items in my MAC Cosmetics online shopping cart – the lipstick in Japanese Maple that Tati and Jaclyn Hill have been raving about, and the Maleficent brow pencil in Fling (I think that’s what it’s called).
Has anyone ever bought velvet non-slip hangers from eBay before, how do I choose?
I need it to be December already so that I can be obsessing over what I’m going to buy at Sephora in February, c’monnnnn.
Kristen Bell makes Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres even BETTER, somehow.
(Finding Dory should come out in 2016, you’re welcome.)
Today I remembered how awesomely talented people can be, and how DeviantArt has great big showcases of them.
Guh, people.
Adding almost all the JCrew shirts on this page to my magical shopping cart that never gets checked out.
Love this Sass & Bide skirt and this Stella McCartney jumper and, not in the same outfit, this tunic.
No affiliate links folks, sorry just brain dumping.
My grandma just emailed me the sweetest email from her iPad mini (she’s 78 years old).
Those people that went to Hawaii and Bali are back, yay. 
So basically my brain has been a bit all over the place.
My nose is blocked, I think.
I get to sleep in tomorrow.
Two days off. 

Thank goodness!
What’s everyone else been up to??

Thoughts of the week 17/5


  • I am all kinds of excited about this bathroom renovation. Hoping something similar is in the near future. Hoping, key word.
  • I went looking in my collection the other day for Milani Luminoso, and… I think I’ve given it away previously/sold it! I now cannot remember for the life of me what I had that was so similar I felt I didn’t need it. It has, however, meant the past two days I’ve been loving dusting on a bit of Milani Berry Amore… so gorgeous even the boyfriend commented on it!
  • My dietitian introduced carbohydrates back into my diet on a weekend basis these past few. Still quite strict – one or two serves of carbs a day on my weekends/days off. First weekend was hot chips and baby cinnamon rolls. Second was homemade sweet potato chips. This weekend was a hot chips last night at Outback Jack’s (horrible, so sad I wasted the serve on them), homemade hash brown with breakfast and will probably be something else tomorrow when we go to the yacht club for lunch or dinner. Dunch or linner, haha. I’ve been jonesing for vegetable soup so tonight that’s what we’re having.
  • These past few days (in case you couldn’t tell from the first bullet point) I’ve been struck by lots of home improvement lightbulb moments. Clear corrugated roofing out on the patio where we hang our clothes when it rains; knocking out the toilet cubicle and shower block in the laundry area to put the washer and dryer on the far wall where the shower is currently; putting in bigger and better windows to let in more light; adding different counter tops in the kitchen; the ideas just keep popping into my head and it’s driving me insane as we don’t own the house to do any of the work! I cannot wait for us to have our own space to customize and enjoy. Decluttering, organising, cleaning and painting galore shall happen when we do, that’s for sure!

Couch potato


The past few nights I’ve started re-watching Gossip Girl season five (then will make my way onto season six and the grand finale of course) to orientate myself to the happier state of mind I was in previously. I’m a bit disappointed with how things are going in a few areas of my life and when this happens, I tend to like to put on the telly with a new show or a really well loved favourite, and declutter my room, or even just have an inspiration session where I cut up magazines and paste them in a notebook.

This got me thinking about the fact that I can rewatch Gossip Girl until the power goes out, and how I’ve got Stardust (my favourite movie of all time) on DVD, my computer, tablet, phone, and WDTV so that I can never not watch it when I feel the need. What’s stopping me from getting into some other shows?

These are some that I’ve watched some episodes of but just couldn’t be bothered keeping up with the weekly episodes and will be binge watching at some point in near future as the weather gets drearier.

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Originals
  • Hart of Dixie
  • The Carrie Diaries
  • Once Upon A Time
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Bad Teacher
  • Big Love
  • Breaking Bad
  • Game of Thrones
  • Californication
  • House of Lies (actually, I’m all caught up I think on this one)
  • The Rake

Currently clicking on: GSD, trying to find a decent notes app to plug into and considering using Google Tasks (found Tasks!), a dream little haul.

The weekend



Drag racing, PB’s, homemade ice coffee, Jimmy Fallon lip sync battles, wasabi and soy sauce almonds, finding old Christmas ornaments, making mix tapes on the internet, reading, reading, Claire Marshall, Outlander previews. Work tomorrow.

May day


I have unintentionally been on a bit of a technology declutterfest lately. After the bevvy of Heartbleed emails and mentions I have gone in and manually changed a number of my online account passwords and this has been a catalyst for cleaning my digital life more than a bit:

1) Facebook, deactivated. I don’t need that.

2) Gmail labels cleaned out – I don’t email friends as much anymore, and don’t need labels for items I have only ten emails of.

3) My little jar of old USB’s and various SD cards has been popped into the computer and items moved to my Dropbox account or deleted as required, then reformatted and systematically named for ease of use.

4) I’ve not renewed the domain for this blog, as I felt it was unnecessary to continue. It’s not THAT hard to type in www.zygomaticfiend.wordpress.com to my search bar, if I have no problems typing www.themustardjumper.wordpress.com in on a twice daily basis (for shame, Dustyn, for shame!) is it, now? I’m currently getting help from WordPress support as to why the stupid account won’t realise that I don’t want to renew the domain though, so that’s ongoing unfortunately.

5) I’ve cleaned out my Google Drive account to start afresh and uncluttered from so many random documents. I realise it’s easier to just search for items but I prefer it to look clean and manageable from the start, much like my actual life.

6) I’ve deleted any normal files kept on my computer aside from music and videos and everything is now on my Dropbox, this makes it easier to access regardless of if the computer is near me or not and basically I just have a glorified hard drive for my WDTV to treat as it’s home base now.

7) All my Google Chrome bookmarks have been de-foldered and I’m working VERY slowly through them to clear out the debris. An extension called Bookmark Sentry was detrimental to clearing out 404 dead links and 1080 duplicates. At least I’m consistent with what I like to save? 

8) Very slowly unfollowing a large portion of twitter and instagram peeps who I don’t know and don’t find interesting anymore.

Do you like to do a digital declutter every now and then? Or are you the kind of person whom it just never gets that bad? What kind of methods and tools do you use or have in place to avoid this if so? I’m interested to hear.

Currently, lately, at the moment…

Watching // 13 Beauty Hacks by Nicole Guerriero on YT, Drinking Buddies (it’s crap I wouldn’t bother because it’s just a total non event), The Other Woman (funny but not lose-your-shit-hilarious), and looking forward to Mr Selfridge on telly.

This Magic MomentImage
// Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (audible), The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin (audible), House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones (rereading, kindle), and This Magic Moment by Nora Roberts (library book, a fun little read), and a bajillion magazines I need to catch up on.

Lemming // a Melbourne trip, an ensemble bed, YSL Kiss & Makeups, better makeup storage and vanity situation, morning workouts, a massive bathtub, a round brush, Jcrew dresses galore, Guerlain Shalimar EDT, Vaseline mini lip therapy, BB Pret-a-powder, Melissa shoes, Aesop body scrub, clean open spaces and light.

Feeling // I’ve been a bit of an emotional person in all the subtitles lately. Mother’s day ads are tearing me up, people leaving my things alone on the drain and wiping up others are leaving me fuming (when I’m the person washing up everything), delayed deliveries, not being able to have hot chips. Ugh.

PS // Have a read of this – Alexandra Franzen, bit of a motivation blog for me.

Sephora Appreciation Club

Sephora, the world’s largest beauty retailer, has spurned offers from Myer and David Jones to set up outlets in department stores and will open its first stand-alone stores in Australia next year.

With this juicy piece of news being slathered all over the news, I thought I’d share what I’m getting in my Sephora order using an USA shipping address. Membership to the Sephora Appreciation Club is free, however your beauty obsession must be proven with possession of copious amounts of makeup. Let me show you what I’ve treated myself to for a VIP serving of appreciation…

s1538479-main-heros1501444-main-hero s1551837-main-hero s1542653-main-hero s1476159-main-hero s1578012-main-hero s1581305-main-hero s1478247-main-heroSo all in all this is a tiny drop of makeup that is the pond of my obsession. I also picked up a powder for my friend Chelsea’s birthday present, and two Marc Jacobs eye shadow palettes for my aunt who used to live in America up until a few years ago.

So only eight products for meeeee, this is practically a beauty diet I mean, for me, c’mon!


All the thoughts, all the time


1. I am just a little crazy obsessed with Emma Watson’s style at the 2014 Oscars (above).
2. I am impatient for the year to go faster. It is not a good feeling and I hate it but cannot help it.
3. On April 7th I am seeing Divergent at the movies with a few friends, yay!
4. Then on April 8th I am doing a Sephora order, cannot figure out what to be more excited about haha. With this and a huge MAC order, I don’t think I will be buying any cosmetics until September when I visit Sydney for IMATS. Baha, not. #beautyjunkie
5. Adam got a job, started Monday and it is in town, hooray! Will be weird to have him home and going to work after three years of DIDO.
6. I have got a severe backlog of magazines again, ugh. No more buying magazines.
7. Let’s just call this week FAT WEEK, cause my clothes are breaking left right and centre.

8. I downloaded the Tapatalk app for Vogue Forum and am stoked at how easy it is to use.
9. Why does Samsung and Telstra feel the need to release brand new phones the month after I upgraded??? Curse you, S5!
10. I had a bit of an uber geek moment today when I saw my two loves collide – technology and makeup – through the Loreal and Google Glass collab video. I’ve been waiting for this forever (five years)!
11. Consider January Jones my #wcw. Guh.
12. Basically my work dilemma every morning re: all the black clothes.
13. Can’t remember who this was but I adore her “lob” and will be taking it to the hairdresser next time with me!
14. Today my Priceline reopened and I was able to swatch the new Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks – holy smooth and crazy pigmented, Batman! – the fuchsia and orange shades will for sure be joining my army.
15. Oh hi, Dior fluidsticks. Hurry up and come to my local counter, yeah?
16. Has anyone seen The Garden of Words movie? Is it on par with Ponyo or anything in that same genre like Howl’s Moving Castle.
17. I am mobile-Wordpressing to get this posted because I have been lazy. If you believe that any of these pictures are yours, ping me!