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  1. So much has been happening and then a whole lot of nothing lately.
  2. Numbered lists make me feel a lot more organised.
  3. We got all of the 990 official photos back from the wedding photographer last Wednesday. Got around to viewing them over a 2 hour period on Sunday night.
  4. My favorite one is Adam after he sees me for the first time. So much emotion.
  5. I’ve read something like twelve books since the big day.
  6. We’ve now got all our bedroom furniture – bedside tables x 2, bedhead, king bed ensemble, dresser, cupboards x 2, TV. All that remains is to renovate the room.
  7. The toilet cubicle was the first thing to get properly painted and it is a bright “Golden Marguerite” yellow. We’ll have Marvel wallpaper on the inner wall also. I love it. It’s a very cheerful color and the whole laundry will eventually be painted the same.
  8. I got my drivers license and medicare cards back – the new Mrs McNichol name and all threw me for a hot minute when I was opening the mail.
  9. We’re finally on to season 4 of Friday Night Lights. It’s nice to have a show that’s “ours” to watch together.
  10. I am stupidly putting off filing for my tax return due to the amount of paperwork I first have to swim through and sort into my new filing cabinet. Even though there is an important receipt I will also need among that mess also. Ugh. Who else hates paperwork?
  11. I am running out of space regularly in my Google Drive so I’m using Google Takeout to download a heap of it and put it on my hard drive. Paying $15/month for storage seems pointless when it’s all online but not accessed regularly.
  12. Six months til my 27th birthday, it seems unreal.
  13. I have basically nailed down my travel skincare packing. GO ME!
  14. But I don’t want to travel now for months. I just wanna stay home and be homey.
  15. Loving Spotify Premium, Netflix, and Snapchat. Hooray internet life.
  16. I cleaned out my closet with a friend from the fashion department at work, and now I have a list of things my closet needs:
    1. Black skinny jeans
    2. Playsuit
    3. Plain coloured tees
    4. Tights
    5. Bumster super skinny riders #550226 jeans
    6. White shorts
    7. Black shorts
    8. Replace current pair of khaki shorts (WAY too big for me)
  17. Oh and we went to Eat Street Markets this weekend just gone as well as a Broncos game. Gaytime milky bun, steamed BBQ pork bun, Poulet & Porc pork belly (THE BEST) and zucchini chips, Potato Slinky, 1L Aztec Blood iced tea, organic ginger beer, oysters, funnel cake, Patacon Palace plaintain chips. Basically all the noms. Also we ate at Anouk in Paddington for breakfast one morning and it was AMAZING. District__1 on Ann Street was also sensationally tasty – cinnamon sweet potato fries.
  18. Okay, I’m gonna go do some chores now.
  19. What’s new with you all?