Well in case you were wondering, where I’ve been…

Adam and I got married late last month! After seven years, we tied the knot on our anniversary in a hometown garden wedding surrounded by our family and friends. Yes, it was a six month engagement. No, we’re not pregnant. We just never saw the point (EVER) in an engagement longer than 4 to 6 months. ALSO: No, we did not go on a Honeymoon. Considering we just bought our house a few months before the wedding, and only just got it to ourselves two weeks before the wedding, and as we didn’t want to have EVERYTHING happening all at once, it seemed smarter to just do something later on once we have moved in and done some small renovations and such. Y’know?

So in the meantime, I’ve been back at work and busy busy BUSY. Just catching up on some reading and slowly unpacking all my stuff into the house. Having had stuff in storage for three years means half of it I don’t even know what I have. Then when Adam’s home we are doing yardwork and house chores. I attempted a 6 day digital detox this past week and hated the distant feel, so that’s done now and I’m backkkkk to Instagram etc again. Today I decluttered my wardrobe (half of it) with a work friend, and had the Tupperware lady visit. Tonight I’m seeing Magic Mike XXL with some girls from work also. Fun, adult stuff, yup.

That’s where I’ve been. Oh, and suddenly giving Snapchat (username: mrsdamn) a go so tell me your usernames and follow me too if you’re keen! What have you all up to??