1. Play – I realized I’ve seen five movies in the past month – Avengers Age of Ultron, The Age of Adaline, The DUFF, Fast & Furious 7, and Home. Only one of those was with A – and that was with our friends, one was solo, and that means that’s three social outings to the cinemas that I attended. I cannot wait until we have the house to ourselves, because when A is away I’ll be able to invite people over for viewings here at home now we have Netflix, and to just chill and have dinner. It also means my friends that have kids can bring them over to play on the swing, whereas currently I just go sit on their couch every now and then. I also just (the morning of 2nd May, but shhhh!) got hooked on Sim City Build It app on my phone. I’m not normally one for games on phones, but this one had me playing until the wee hours of the morning. Oops…

2. Buying – I had to go through my receipts for April 2015 yesterday (I use a BasixTwo calender to file everything paperwork affiliated for the month, then just pop them in a box to go through later) looking for something, and here I was patting myself on the back for not spending very much this month, when I realized the amount of completely unnecessary spending that happened. We have the wedding NEXT month, so some of the buying was definitely “necessary” in that regard, but I’ve semi put myself on a ban.

3. Wearing – $7 fleecy grey sweatpants from KMart (make sure you wash these fluff monsters in a lingerie bag though), “SORRY I’M LATE” shirt in a XXXL style nightie.

4. Beauty note – Using Alpha H Liquid Gold like it’s going out of fashion, and my Origins 10 Minute Troubled Skin mask errrryday.

5. Little luxuries –we’ve been eating out and BADLY a lot lately, as well as all the naughty food at home that’s been brewing. Hitting the snooze button a LOT too.

6. Sparkling – my wedding earrings and wedding bands have arrived! SPARKLY!

7. On my wish list – new work shoes (short black ankle boots), and a new Review knit or LBD for the Hens do in under two months. Also… a copper kettle. A coffee grinder. All things that I have to kind of wait on, until after the nuptials, aside from the boots.

8. Listening to – “Happy” song from the engagement shoot video my aunt did.

9. Watching – lots and lots and lots of YouTube videos. Like, tonnes. Nicole Guerriero. Vivianna Does Makeup. Glam Life Guru (Tati). Hey Claire. Makeup by Tiffany D.

10. At home – We’ve been looking atttttttttttt paint chips, washing machines, full sized fridges, carpets, black out blinds, faucets, bath tubs… plans for lots of small things to happen in the latter half of this year. Having a house is going to be super exciting, especially as I’ve already lived here for three years and he’s lived here his entire life! We already have a good idea of things that will be changing and things we will just leave and not worry about for donkey’s years. Hopeful for a puppy to be in this home too…

NB: post idea from The Mustard Jumper. That girl inspires 😉 even from 2013 posts… what’s your April 2015 stuff?