2012 and before (1021)

Picture taken by me, an old photo from at my Grandparent’s place, which I visited on Valentine’s weekend.

  1. We had roast duck and vegetables today for Sunday lunch, it was 35 degrees outside. Thankfully now there is a big storm happening/about to happen and it is black skies and huge cooling winds happening, hooray!
  2. Cyclone Marcia missed us but sadly my Mum’s new house in Cooran (south QLD) has been inundated with large amounts of water. She’s refuses to call SES to help her too! G&T’s help her pretend it’s not as bad as it seems, apparently. Sigh, mothers!
  3. I’m reading the Libriomancer series and really enjoying it.
  4. I’ve hooked up my Youtube account to the WDTV again and have been getting through quite a few “watch later”‘s whilst cleaning my room this weekend.
  5. Last weekend I went to Sydney, saw some of my lovely friends and family, ate lots of awesome food, visited Sephora and Mecca, and received TONNES of lingerie at a surprise bridal shower for my birthday dinner. I’m only just managing to unpack now and get all the washing done!! Does anyone know how to get week old faux tan off of white dresses? 😦
  6. It’s beauty loop time at Mecca, woohoo! Come April, I have a feeling I’ll be level 3~~!
  7. My manager is away for three weeks again and I have only a week left of potential jury duty, so thankful that these two things don’t overlap any further!!
  8. Homemade weis bar craving. Please and thank you, partner.
  9. Today is 2430 days that Adam and I have been together… and 126 days until we finally get married! I cannot wait for the engagement period to be over, and I am so glad that we are just doing it straight away, I could not bare to wait longer than 6 months and it feels so right to be doing it on our seven year anniversary of being together.
  10. I went and had my engagement party dress fitting yesterday and one thing I can hint at… SPARKLY! 55 days until I can wear it!
  11. I’ve stopped saving my empties and have just been chucking them out, it is so satisfying! Every now and then I think about filming again but it’s just too much effort when we don’t have our own space.
  12. I’m still hunting for THE wedding fragrance for myself… I just cannot decide!
  13. Fingers crossed we have the house to ourself in the next month to six weeks!! I am going a little cabin fever insane, planning and thinking where furniture is going and imagining how my routine will change… so much exciting stuff happening this year!

What’s new with everyone else?