Only sixteen sleeps until my favourite day of the year (Christmas Eve) and then one more sleep and it’s Christmas! Oh, and then one more sleep and it’s my most hated day of the year… Boxing Day. Got to love working in retail!

I felt like doing up a wishlist of things I know I’ll just buy for myself one day, but seeing as we are about to be buying our house (eek! So excited!) this will just stay as a wishlist, for now. For the sake of my sanity, I’m not including makeup items nor homewares as I’m sure to go skitz and we’d be here forever.

Christmas Wishlist

Sony NEX6 Camera with lens / Palm Beach Black Rose candle / our Bandog puppy / Sophia Webster shoes

Are you shocked? Just FOUR ITEMS. I wouldn’t even count beautiful puppies as an “item” per say.. but I’d love one with a little red bow under the tree on Christmas morning… Ah, maybe Christmas in July 2015…

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?