1. Only five days of my holidays left and then it’s back into crazy season at work!
  2. Photo above is from my sister’s wedding last weekend. Cannot believe she’s married before me, I’m so proud of her and her new husband – the wedding was amazing.
  3. Samsung S6 is going to be my next phone, I’m holding out for it.
  4. Definitely planning a Sydney trip for February (and my 26th, eek!) to go to Sepia restaurant, see more of my family, and visit the new Sephora Australia. I’m thinking a Mecca Masterclass for my party?
  5. I braved the new Macquarie Shopping Centre wing for Uniqlo, only to discover that the puffy jacket I wanted (it folds into a “tiny little bag, like magic”) is only available in their winter line, and a puffy vest alternative I did not have need for. Damn.
  6. After a while of not going to the cinemas, there’s now quite a few that I want to see: Let’s Be Cops, Love Rosie (cute book!), The Best of Me, This Is Where I Leave You, and then the new Hunger Games Mockingjay movie comes out on Friday too.
  7. I am hoping to start filming Youtube again in the new year. Hoping like Santa is real.
  8. I’m looking for blogs like “Young House Love” if anyone has some recommendations. Home-owning time is coming soon (says the Bear) and I’m getting pinning.
  9. Speaking of pinning, and pinnable things, I think I’ve unofficially locked in decisions for one of those big life events in the next year or so. Hooray Mag landed on my doorstep while I was away, also.
  10. I’m absolutely in love with this arm chair, but is $999 (or even $799.20) too much to pay for a computer chair regardless of cost per use arguments?
  11. My tumblr turned six years old today. Time goes fast when you’re using the “Post to Tumblr” extension haha.
  12. I am thinking a LUSH shower gel order is in order, stat. Summer lovin’.
  13. Now that the wedding is over, I’m keen to chop my hair – not sure if I should keep the blonde at the ends in it or not though?
  14. Mecca order incoming. Level 3 now, oops.
  15. Blahblahblahblahblah. My head is so full. I’m gonna go read a book.
  16. Or maybe I should go unpack and clean my room.
  17. Nah, I’m going to go read.