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This photo is all yes. Which brings me to…

  1. The 1st of May next year is said to be the release date for the next Avengers movie, I cannot wait!
  2. I feel like no Thoughts of the week post is complete anymore without a reference to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. My recent favourites are Gisele Bundchen Shows Jimmy Planking Exercises and the Adam Levine Musical Impressions one.
  3. My reading slump appears to be over (knock wood) as over Father’s Day weekend I read four books – I finally finished The Oversight – and then since then I’ve read Throne of Glass and am more than halfway through Landline (which I don’t want to put down, what’s next what what what tell meeeee damn you Rainbow Rowell gimme more).
  4. Did anyone like Hilary Duff’s new song All About You? I happened to catch it on some musical reality TV show the other night and didn’t mind it although what is up with the raccoon tail tucked into her pants? Oh and Fall Out Boy’s Centuries goes alright also but thanks to Kimmy’s recent tweet my new fave is: Young Volcanoes.
  5. My Fitbit Flex device is playing up 😦 so my daily average is down due to it not tracking my steps reliably and going dead every night at half twelve. This is frustrating. I have not heard back from Fitbit yet.
  6. My MUA friend wasn’t able to help with the decluttering so that hasn’t happened yet although I have added two foundations that I’m not loving to the pile and used up a mascara (Another Chanel Le Volume).
  7. No Buy is going well so far bar two $4 organizing trays for makeup.
  8. I tweeted this at the start of the week but I am loving this and had all the feels reading it: The Internet Is Also Real Life.
  9. I “holidayed” three nights of this week at my parents place as my mum is away and it’s just Dad at home right now. It was really perfect timing because I had two 7:30am-6pm shifts due to stock take at work. It was a relief to shower at 11:30pm and not stress.
  10. I saw a Michael Kors bag in person today at work (DJ’s had forgotten to remove a security tag… or it was stolen, either or, whatever) and now I’m all GIMME.
  11. Less than two months until my Sydney trip and sister’s wedding!
  12. The new Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks look DIVINE. Is anyone going to get one?
  13. Perfect ponytail? Ugh, possibly yeah.
  14. Loving Eleanor Pendleton’s interview here.
  15. Epic linkage, as always. Now seriously go listen to Young Volcanoes.
  16. KTHXBYE. <3333 😉
  17. PS. Happy Saturday night, hope you all had an amazing week!