• #NoBuy rough guidelines: OK to buy deodorant (don’t want to smell) when required, and also will probably run out of toner (use softener instead unless you REALLY cannot get on board, then pick up some more toner or cleansing water), but do not need to buy pretty much anything else for this entire time. AT ALL. Except MAYBE serum… depends on skin and what I’ve got in samples, deluxe travel sized items etc. SEPHORA IN SYDNEY OPENING SOON. This should be incentive enough for me not to shop.

  • 10,000 steps 5 out of 7 days a week. I use my Fitbit Flex to track all my steps, although I’ve gotten lazy with my sleep. Last week my daily average was 10,595 steps so this should be easy.
  • Complete digital declutter – all items must be backed up on Google Drive/ Google Photos. Storage plan only costs me $1.99 monthly for 100GB which is more than enough to back up documents and my trillions of images. I’m working on using Pinterest to get rid of all the bookmarked recipe and event ideas. So much easier to browse!
  • Continuing the don’t-spend-declutter theme, decluttering my makeup and toiletries, books and all possessions. A MUA friend is coming over this Sunday afternoon to help me sniff test and get strict on makeup items. This is my current makeup stash (there are a few actual dresser drawers underneath too) that I want to fit all my makeup items into the acrylic drawers bar one or two of the normal drawers.


What are your new Spring goals?