Come six-degree temps in the kitchen, and three-degrees Celsius in the air outside the bedcovers, is Winter and his merry friends – the heater, the head coverings and the hot water tap!

Aside from avoiding leaky hot water bottles and impulse buying Tanda candles by the bucketload, I turn to more than just a hairy boyfriend to keep me happy at night. Here’s what’s been keeping me hydrated, cosy and snug in bed this cold season…


Weleda Skin Food (for dry and rough skin)
Since purchasing this based on Reese’s rave review over a year ago, I’ve had this in my bedside drawer just waiting for me to squeeze out a tidbit to ease my dehydrated skin again. Having just slathered this on mine (and the boyfriends) aching red hands, I’m astonished every single time how my skin goes from feeling like cracked leather to baby soft suede in just a few minutes. The herbal scent is faint and my partner’s sensitive nose still isn’t irritated at all by it, so the au natural green tube gets enthusiastic ticks in all boxes from us. You can purchase it from Echolife and selected natural food stores.

Lanolin 101 Ointment
This guy lives in my drawer also, for a more intense moisturising lip lock without any tint of colour (because you don’t need lipstick in bed, of course…) that hydrates all through the night and into the wee hours of the morning. I tend to see this on sale several times a year at Priceline and am looking out for the new Antibacterial Hand Cream from these guys with muchos excitement.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
Super relaxing amazing mist stuff. Every now and then I spray my face by accident instead of my pillows. It doesn’t seem to matter, off to join the sleeping ones I go.

Chanel Beauty Initale Eye
Expensive mofo that it is, this is my go-to anti dark circle magic maker. There’s just something magical about the interlocking C skincare, and this works so well I’m looking at picking up a few other products soon.