1. July goals are really not my main focus, but the above is just my main goal.
2. Bacon and eggs for breakfast is just aces.
3. I absolutely love this endzone dancing as demonstrated by Jimmy and Justin. I saw it first over on Young House Love‘s grouting post (which I found really interesting actually haha). I saw this cute laundry hamper there too.
4. Just a little bit of house envy over at the Jones Design Company.
5. After reading a review on Meg Biram’s blog of the book Astonish Me, by Maggie Shipstead, I have just got to read it. This quote got me:

Harry (the son, dancer) asks Jacob (his father): 

Harry — “How do you know if you’re in love?”

Jacob — “I think it’s different for different people, but the conventional wisdom is that when you’re around the person you’re in love with, you feel happy, more than happy—euphoric. And you want to be around that person all the time. You don’t notice the person’s faults. Some people say their hearts beat faster. They feel jittery. I think you know it when you feel it.”

6. Not obsessed, I swear.
7. I’m thinking of upgrading my Canon IXUS 130 to this vlogging camera that Anna & Jesse use… has anyone else had much experience with a camera that has wifi upload built in to it? Photo backup is my absolute necessity and I like that it can work with Android phones as I have a Samsung S4 4G.
8. NSFW, maybe? NSF people who don’t like reading same sex fiction about Marvel characters… anyway Stony makes me laugh out loud in an “awww-they’re so cute” way.
9. I have it on a good authority that Australia is getting the Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks. Is anyone else excited about the fact that for so long now there hasn’t been INDIFREAKINGVIDUAL eyeshadows able to be purchased and all of a sudden we will?
10. I tried googling “heyclaire filming setup and editing behind the scenes” to no avail. I may buy the microphone she uses just to make myself feel that’ll get me editing like her.
11. My mum gets back tomorrow night from Sydney/SE Queensland, my dad is MEANT to get back on Sunday or Tuesday from Papua New Guinea, my brother has just boarded his place today to go to the States (I only found out yesterday, we’re so close knit guyz), and my sister is in Sydney. I’m going to Sydney, Hunter Valley, and Newcastle in November for two weeks with Adam… but getting a bit of travel envy, I wonder why? *sarcasm*

12. I’m so excited for Avengers 2. To the front left next to Captain America is THOR in civilian clothes! Hawkeye isn’t a mindless zombie under Loki’s command! #fangirl
13. I wish everything online was “sign in with Google” so much easier when my dreaded quarterly password change comes about.
14. I’m feeling a bit excited for the movie Lucy, but feel it echoes that movie that came out with Bradley Cooper in it a while back? As in at first I thought it was a sequel.
15. I signed up for Hop Shop Go this past week and already I’m a lot happier than I was with Ship It To.
16. My two days off are now up, tomorrow starts the six days on portion of my fortnightly roster.
17. Has anyone got any Soundcloud recommendations?