Made with #Pixlr. Photo by me.

1. Organise an end of season night for work.
2. Start making plans for what I will need house-wise, room by room. Use Pinterest.
3. Eat clean, train mean – once housebound.
4. Wake up every AM at the same time.
5. Get another The Makeup Box Shop Au deluxe storage box for blushes, brows and all eyeshadows.
6. Phillipians 4:13.
7. Return books only. TBR shelf is 20+.
8. Polenta chips.
9. Help plan little sister’s hens night.
10. Book Sydney hotel for November trip.
11. No online shopping bar point five.
12. Use MaxFactor FaceFinity foundation every day.
13. Look for this outfit combination: a black maxidress with light denim cropped jacket.
14. Above all..  BE PATIENT.