1. This new NARS powder is…
a) Larger than I expected, it’s way bigger than the blush compacts.
b) Super duper awesome and I love it. Hello glow but not matte!

2. I’m a bit of a nerdette, hence the excitement for The Sims 4 (coming September 2, 2014) and the Samsung NX30 (which I entered a competition to win one of those cameras, hopefully anyway).

3. My skin has been playing up (thanks so much, hormones) and as a result I’ve been giving the new Estee Lauder Anti Blemish Serum a go… quite liking it although I do recommend a hydrating moisturiser (I’m using Jurlique’s new Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel lotion, due to my oilier skin) as it can be a bit drying however is definitely effective in smoothing out and getting rid of zits.

4. I managed to read in June a number of books that I owned, versus ones I hire from the library, and as a result I am very pleased with myself. Also, a lot of surfaces in my room are now quite clean and uncluttered since I boxed up most of my perfumes. I feel nice and fresh and ready to start the new financial year (c’monnnnn tax time!) – we even flipped the mattress yesterday!

5. Has anyone ever used Shoes of Prey to custom make a shoe? I’m having a bit of fun imagining a cute pair of flats… or maybe even a pair of wedges

6. This Saturday is the sixth anniversary of when Adam and I started dating. He’s basically too handsome for me to stop hanging around with him.

7. I’ve been looking into local photographers because I’m starting to think it’s a bigger deal than I thought, to know your local.

8. About whitewashing stuff (i.e. reading someone in a book that’s a person of colour but casting them as caucasian in the film).

9. I bit the bullet and ordered some items from Whitening Lightening (but not the teeth whitening stuff, because my dentist does it for a reasonable price that my private health insurance helps to cover) and am a bit excited about them arriving.

10. I’m still waiting for the slow readers who reserved City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare to hurry up and return the book to the library. I think there should be an order to reservations in terms of who reads it the fastest. Having a book returned in two days and read would be more efficient than making that person wait. Does this make sense and really I am just cheap (could buy it) and greedy (don’t want to buy it until I have bookshelves, so just going to hire it).

11. Tonight at Target I saw this Nivea Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care balm. IN AN AUSTRALIAN TARGET. So excited I bought it straight away. WOOP WOOP! It’s said to be super fab on the lips and smell amazing. We will see. $3.99 and it’s yours!

12. The Beauty Club membership is currently accepting new members for June. Feel free to email me if you want a referral code.

13. Can I just say I received absolutely amazing customer service (and FANTASTIC products at amazing prices also) from Michael Johnson Hair?  The stocktake sale is just bonkers and Mike is plain fricking awesome.

14. Tomorrow at work will be day four of seven before I get the weekened off. Feel free to distract me on twitter.

How you all doing?