1.a. Blake Lively, that is all.

1.b. Once this pot of coffee and container of diet cordial is finished (should be sometime in the next few days), I’m going all water and black tea, green preferably. I’m quaking in my boots already.

2. I cried a little on the inside this past week when I visited the Feel Unique website, I blame Lisa Eldridge and Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries.

3. Today I woke up, grabbed coffee (see: point one, it’s going to be HARD!) and my protein shake, and settled in to watch Lily Pebbles’ “Then & Now” video. I think this is such a good idea for reflection, I find that we really only get it together more so as every year goes on. I know I for sure don’t look back on my teens and early 20’s and think “gees, I wish I was still 19 or 20, those were the good years”, I mean, sure they were fun times and we reminisce about them good and bad, but never want to go backwards. Then again I don’t feel like this is IT as of yet, and I think that every year is just going to get better. I’m only 25. Onwards and upwards.

4. I’ve got Orange is the New Black’s episodes queued up to watch this weekend when I declutter my cupboards (yes, the mess is still on the floor waiting to be sorted). 

5. The girls over at A Beautiful Mess updated the kitchen in their studio, and it is gorgeous! I am mainly loving the idea to have a larger window installed as this is something I actually want to do one day in the house we’re in.

6. The moment Sephora hits our shores this December I am going to tear it up and send my sister in for some Formula X. Sounds like a drug, but it’s a nail polish range. I think I’m addicted already. Their instore swatching process is genius.

7. Also, on Youtube – a day in the life of Eva Chen. She is the Jenna to my Mustard.

8. During the week Google updated the Android version of Google Chrome (my fave internet browser for those of you who didn’t know), so that there is an “undo close tab” option. I am stoked, this is such a time saver as I too frequently have the ‘doh!’ moment.

9. I’m a bit excited that MaxFactor is bringing out their FaceFinity primer as just a primer, as the FaceFinity 3 in 1 Primer, Foundation and Concealer product is one of my favourite foundies, so much so I’m onto my second bottle of it. 

10. I’m hoping to do a couple of the “Four or More” product posts. Hoping. Don’t hold your breath.

This week, while the State of Origin is on, I’m going to go and see Xmen with one of my friends and I’m stoked. It’s been a while. What are you getting up to this week?