• I am all kinds of excited about this bathroom renovation. Hoping something similar is in the near future. Hoping, key word.
  • I went looking in my collection the other day for Milani Luminoso, and… I think I’ve given it away previously/sold it! I now cannot remember for the life of me what I had that was so similar I felt I didn’t need it. It has, however, meant the past two days I’ve been loving dusting on a bit of Milani Berry Amore… so gorgeous even the boyfriend commented on it!
  • My dietitian introduced carbohydrates back into my diet on a weekend basis these past few. Still quite strict – one or two serves of carbs a day on my weekends/days off. First weekend was hot chips and baby cinnamon rolls. Second was homemade sweet potato chips. This weekend was a hot chips last night at Outback Jack’s (horrible, so sad I wasted the serve on them), homemade hash brown with breakfast and will probably be something else tomorrow when we go to the yacht club for lunch or dinner. Dunch or linner, haha. I’ve been jonesing for vegetable soup so tonight that’s what we’re having.
  • These past few days (in case you couldn’t tell from the first bullet point) I’ve been struck by lots of home improvement lightbulb moments. Clear corrugated roofing out on the patio where we hang our clothes when it rains; knocking out the toilet cubicle and shower block in the laundry area to put the washer and dryer on the far wall where the shower is currently; putting in bigger and better windows to let in more light; adding different counter tops in the kitchen; the ideas just keep popping into my head and it’s driving me insane as we don’t own the house to do any of the work! I cannot wait for us to have our own space to customize and enjoy. Decluttering, organising, cleaning and painting galore shall happen when we do, that’s for sure!