I have unintentionally been on a bit of a technology declutterfest lately. After the bevvy of Heartbleed emails and mentions I have gone in and manually changed a number of my online account passwords and this has been a catalyst for cleaning my digital life more than a bit:

1) Facebook, deactivated. I don’t need that.

2) Gmail labels cleaned out – I don’t email friends as much anymore, and don’t need labels for items I have only ten emails of.

3) My little jar of old USB’s and various SD cards has been popped into the computer and items moved to my Dropbox account or deleted as required, then reformatted and systematically named for ease of use.

4) I’ve not renewed the domain for this blog, as I felt it was unnecessary to continue. It’s not THAT hard to type in to my search bar, if I have no problems typing in on a twice daily basis (for shame, Dustyn, for shame!) is it, now? I’m currently getting help from WordPress support as to why the stupid account won’t realise that I don’t want to renew the domain though, so that’s ongoing unfortunately.

5) I’ve cleaned out my Google Drive account to start afresh and uncluttered from so many random documents. I realise it’s easier to just search for items but I prefer it to look clean and manageable from the start, much like my actual life.

6) I’ve deleted any normal files kept on my computer aside from music and videos and everything is now on my Dropbox, this makes it easier to access regardless of if the computer is near me or not and basically I just have a glorified hard drive for my WDTV to treat as it’s home base now.

7) All my Google Chrome bookmarks have been de-foldered and I’m working VERY slowly through them to clear out the debris. An extension called Bookmark Sentry was detrimental to clearing out 404 dead links and 1080 duplicates. At least I’m consistent with what I like to save? 

8) Very slowly unfollowing a large portion of twitter and instagram peeps who I don’t know and don’t find interesting anymore.

Do you like to do a digital declutter every now and then? Or are you the kind of person whom it just never gets that bad? What kind of methods and tools do you use or have in place to avoid this if so? I’m interested to hear.