Sephora, the world’s largest beauty retailer, has spurned offers from Myer and David Jones to set up outlets in department stores and will open its first stand-alone stores in Australia next year.

With this juicy piece of news being slathered all over the news, I thought I’d share what I’m getting in my Sephora order using an USA shipping address. Membership to the Sephora Appreciation Club is free, however your beauty obsession must be proven with possession of copious amounts of makeup. Let me show you what I’ve treated myself to for a VIP serving of appreciation…

s1538479-main-heros1501444-main-hero s1551837-main-hero s1542653-main-hero s1476159-main-hero s1578012-main-hero s1581305-main-hero s1478247-main-heroSo all in all this is a tiny drop of makeup that is the pond of my obsession. I also picked up a powder for my friend Chelsea’s birthday present, and two Marc Jacobs eye shadow palettes for my aunt who used to live in America up until a few years ago.

So only eight products for meeeee, this is practically a beauty diet I mean, for me, c’mon!