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April will be a month of revisiting my health, and developing my willpower of which I currently lack a decent amount of both. Let me explain…

I visited a dietitian today (after a referral from my specialist for PCOS) who is going to be overhauling my eating and exercising habits in hopes to get me down to a weight that I haven’t been since my first year out of high school… back in 2007.

The changes she has made, and I will follow, may not sound like rocket science to all however it was a bit revelational to find out I can no longer have corn because my body processes carbohydrates differently with PCOS and creates too much insulin as a result which is transferred to fat. In my head it was always, corn = healthy vegetable a.k.a not potato = good for you, right? Not for me. Interesting to know, that’s for sure.

Even though I am on my feet all day and all week, the dietitian is introducing a half hour of heart pumping exercise five days a week, with long walks on my days off; so I am hopeful that I’ll have the energy to do so – my partner and I are going to do Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred to begin with which will be fun and funny! I’ve also been advised to try and stress less, and if I do find myself stressing to make an effort to relax more.

As a side note with this next month of embarking upon this new (to me, and my ninety five point nine kilogram frame) eating and exercising regime, I am not going to be going clothes shopping for approximately five to six months – til I visit my sister and go to IMATS in Sydney – as I aim to have lost ten kilo’s by then.

I am inspired by Ange over at One Skim Mocha Please and her weight loss updates (doesn’t she look amazing!?) and these passionate Instagrammers: Adeline of Eat This Burn That, The Kind Kitchen, Laura of I Want To Be Healthy, Belle of The Whole Pantry app fame, Sarah McGee, the Lorna Jane Active account, and Vevian of Fitalicious Me. I am hoping to one day inspire others. Although maybe not as much as the super fit Laura of CTT Chicken Tuna. She’s a bit special with her hotness – hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

So, there you go, my incoming April in a wordpress post nutshell. 

Please feel free to contact me on twitter, instagram, or even just comment below if you’re looking to buddy up for something similar – I’m sure the more support, the merrier!