1. I am just a little crazy obsessed with Emma Watson’s style at the 2014 Oscars (above).
2. I am impatient for the year to go faster. It is not a good feeling and I hate it but cannot help it.
3. On April 7th I am seeing Divergent at the movies with a few friends, yay!
4. Then on April 8th I am doing a Sephora order, cannot figure out what to be more excited about haha. With this and a huge MAC order, I don’t think I will be buying any cosmetics until September when I visit Sydney for IMATS. Baha, not. #beautyjunkie
5. Adam got a job, started Monday and it is in town, hooray! Will be weird to have him home and going to work after three years of DIDO.
6. I have got a severe backlog of magazines again, ugh. No more buying magazines.
7. Let’s just call this week FAT WEEK, cause my clothes are breaking left right and centre.

8. I downloaded the Tapatalk app for Vogue Forum and am stoked at how easy it is to use.
9. Why does Samsung and Telstra feel the need to release brand new phones the month after I upgraded??? Curse you, S5!
10. I had a bit of an uber geek moment today when I saw my two loves collide – technology and makeup – through the Loreal and Google Glass collab video. I’ve been waiting for this forever (five years)!
11. Consider January Jones my #wcw. Guh.
12. Basically my work dilemma every morning re: all the black clothes.
13. Can’t remember who this was but I adore her “lob” and will be taking it to the hairdresser next time with me!
14. Today my Priceline reopened and I was able to swatch the new Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks – holy smooth and crazy pigmented, Batman! – the fuchsia and orange shades will for sure be joining my army.
15. Oh hi, Dior fluidsticks. Hurry up and come to my local counter, yeah?
16. Has anyone seen The Garden of Words movie? Is it on par with Ponyo or anything in that same genre like Howl’s Moving Castle.
17. I am mobile-Wordpressing to get this posted because I have been lazy. If you believe that any of these pictures are yours, ping me!