1. One month on from my birthday and I’m still receiving parcels from my online shopping binge. Ooops.

2. Veronica Mars the movie came out today, and being a backer of this fantastic Marshmallow-funded project, I got a copy of the digital download. Loving it! LoVe, forever.

3. I saw the good doctor yesterday and he has deemed me PCOS-ridden on my remaining ovary. Next stop, a dietitian to try and drop the weight I’ve gained since going off the Pill in November.

4. Tonight I’m going to see Vampire Academy with a good friend at the movies. Hooray for delayed Australian releases… not!

5. I don’t think I’m going to renew my domain name (did I already blog about this, I can’t remember?) so next month look for me at http://www.zygomaticfiend.wordpress.com instead.

6. Housesitting for my parents this weekend, looking forward to having a long hot bath and having the bed to myself – Adam will be staying home so that he can watch the Friday night footy, and will be sleeping like a starfish for the first time in months.

7. Thanks to this post, Natalie has me updating my wardrobe once again. Three cardigans in the grey, black and white are winging their way to me now. Also, a black Target body con dress graced my fine self last weekend as both a new work staple and the perfect LBD for the evenings where I just don’t know what to wear. Winner.

8. Best makeup decision I’ve ever made? That Smashbox Wondervision Sparks palette. Case in point, see following photos for one very happy woman.2014-03-12 08.30.02 2014-03-12 08.30.049. After much whinging I have finally succumbed to the organisational heaven that is Evernote. No more bothering with other cruddy apps and note taking, other than my notebook.

10. My fingernails have been going through some kind of growth spurt lately, and for once I’ve been able to give myself a manicure TWO weeks in a row with success. #itsthesmallthings