2012 and before (1597)

Whoa, I really let this one go huh??

Let’s see… what’s been happening:

a) I had an ultrasound recently and the results weren’t all that great.

b) I’ve been online shopping like crazy.

c) I have barely been reading anything it feels like. My piles and shelves of books feel like “to be read” is just a dream notion of mine.

d) Work has been hectic.

e) Adam is still home but we’re hopeful there is a job on the horizon, so fingers crossed for that.

f) My makeup storage has fallen apart, my silk pillowcase went DISGUSTING (it now feels like velvet when you run your hands the wrong way on it, NOT silky feeling anymore at all) in the wash, and my microSD card for my phone died a diseased death. #firstworldproblems

g) I’ve been watching a few movies lately, and a decent amount of YouTube videos also. Whilst wearing zit fighting masks. Gah.

h) I’m halfway through four weeks of Revlon online training and it’s fun as.

What’s new with everyone else?