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  • Veronica Mars is going to be available to everyone worldwide on March 14. This is exciting news because I pledged at a level that gets me a free digital download of the movie. Stoked because my days off should be Thursday/Friday which covers that 48 hours. Yes.
  • Vampire Academy will be in cinemas here on March 6. I excitedly thought it would be out in Australia on Valentines Day and made plans with friends to see it only to find out that I would have to wait. The books were great so even though the trailer doesn’t appeal to every single atom in me, I’m still excited to see this.
  • Revlon Australia’s facebook page has confirmed that the beginning of March will bring the new Colorburst Matte and Lacquer Balms range to Australian shores. I’ve had a play with some testers and CANNOT WAIT!
  • My local Target will finally have NYX installed on March 7. FINALLY. I went to Canberra end of November and they already had NYX installed however for some reason despite the original quoted date of January for Mackay, we get March. Go us.
  • I’m making it a personal goal to do NO online shopping in March. Since February was my birthday month I went a little crazy online ordering which was fine but now I’m going to dial it back a notch.
  • I’m waiting for my manager to get back from three weeks of leave which ends on the 8th and then I MAY be visiting my sister in Sydney for her bridal shopping weekend. Not sure at this time.

So quite a few nice little things happening next month frivulously anyway.