1. The movie ‘Her‘ looks so good, like, so so so good!

2. I’m up to episode 13 episode 17 in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and it’s also so good! I wish I could just sit in front of my computer all day and watch it til I’m finished, but I cannot because my internet peaks.

3. If anyone is into Draco/Ginny fan fiction (Harry Potter, duh) then here are two great (IMO) reads: The Neverending Shift & the Prat Prince, and Serendipity in Counsel.

4. I’m looking at alternative bathroom storage, I’m currently using the Officeworks trolley which falls apart constantly, gah! Three options all from IKEA (meaning it will be ages until I can see them in person, but STILL) as follows:

GODMORGON High cabinet, high-gloss white, green $249

FULLEN High cabinet, white $69

LILLÅNGEN High cabinet with 1 door, aluminium $199

Basically this kind of Into The Gloss style shelving is my inspiration:

837839-1_lIt just gives me the lemmings and I want it, okay! How do you store your bathroom gear?

5. In an effort to use up two loose mineral powders that I have in my stash, I have purchased (on sale) the NUDE by Nature On The Go Refillable Travel brush and am going to keep it in my bag again – as I haven’t even been keeping any powders in my handbag to touch up and that needs to change.

6. I realized that I didn’t include any of my recent eBook reads in my recent bookshelf post! Using the Kobo app on my phone, I read the following:

Stung by Bethany Wiggins – Interesting enough that I will read the next one. A different take on the mainstream dystopia.
Lexicon by Max Barry – So fascinating! I used to own of Barry’s other books and it kept me thinking for so many weeks after I’d finished it, and Lexicon was the same. I love that it is Australian based.

7. I went and saw Saving Mr Banks on Monday and then The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug on Thursday and both were such great movies, I was so happy. Next on the list is The Book Thief, I’m hoping for three out of three.

8. I wish the Maybelline Colour Elixirs would hurry up and come to Australia already.

9. I officially have the day off for my birthday, woo! I don’t know if I will still have my contracted position by then though as it officially ended yesterday. This is pending.

10. I am going to start watching Reign, a TV series about Mary (Queen of Scots) and it looks interesting!


11. Adam’s job hunt has become country wide, and I am seriously hoping that he gets one in Perth.

12. DJ Earworm Mashup for 2013 has been released. Every year gets better and better. I particularly love it around 2:10.

13. Have always loved this song, but felt the need to listen to it repeatedly recently for nostalgic purposes.

Listen well… will you marry me?
Not now, Boy
Are you well in the Suffering?
You’ve been the most gracious of hosts
I may be invited, girl, but I’m not coming in

14. Have a lovely week everyone! What are you looking forward to?