1. It’s raining! Poor old Mackay has been having a bit of a dry spell these past few months and now it is gorgeous and green and people will be pulling their mowers out of sheds in the days to come. Only a few weeks left of Summer!

2. Only 31 days left of being twenty four!! I am so excited to be twenty five, I have asked to receive flowers this year as I haven’t received flowers in years and I get the feeling this is going to be a gorgeous grown up year compared to last.

3. I have been watching Leigh Ann Says on Youtube the past 24 hours and am definitely enjoying watching her, she is so funny and sounds like a lot of fun!

4. Adoring the Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN collection, I already have a kimono style robe from one of the previous PPS collections and adore swanning around the house in them. I plan on doing the cliche PPS bridal party thing one day, they’re such a beautiful item and worth the money.


5. This week I am seeing at least two movies after a bit of a movie drought – Saving Mr Banks and The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug. Yay for cinema time!

6. Argh, the Organizing Store hits me where it hurts. My empty wallet.

7. Today was my mum’s fifty first birthday. I feel so bad because I thought she was a couple of years older than that? Bad daughter. Although, not as bad as the younger daughter who went to fine dining restaurant Six Penny in Sydney on mother’s day of birth haha.

8. Three day work week then two more days off then six on then three days off and then THAT IS IT for my contract at work and I should find out this week if they are renewing it. I wanna staaaaaaaaaaaay! Fingers crossed!

9. Fingers crossed also that Adam gets a new job, everybody everybody everybody get your wishing and a praying on please.

10. I finally decided on my 100 book challenge on GoodReads and am going to also try and read these books during it also. I’m up to 5 registered on GoodReads, but have three that are on my “I cannot even be bothered finishing” stack already.

Happy 12th day out of 365 everyone!!