1. A new year and same old me! Happy New Year everyone!
2. My internet at home has been SUPER slow and annoying compared to how it is normally, it is so frustrating. Yes I am aware these are #firstworldproblems but it’s still a nuisance.
3. I have been wanting to try edamame for a long while now and whilst browsing online, I saw that Coles has these, has anyone tried them and are they like the real thing?


4. I have been on a bit of a reading kick lately, more so than usual, that is. In December alone I think I read close to 20 books or some crazy figure. I’ve been aiming to be a bit better in January (and 2014 in general hopefully) at recording my books on Good Reads too.

5. Heather from beautybyheathr has just made me aware of the awesome sauce that is Wayne Goss’ makeup collection video.

6. Oh em gee, pretty Dior collection.


7. I have just spent the past few hours browsing the webs and adore this ‘pack the perfect carry on‘ post.

8. I am loving Lemon & Stripes’ bedroom! Gorgeous gorgeous interior. Added to the wishlist haha.


9. I am so glad the Christmas crazy season is technically over. Something about working in retail again.

10. My Alpha H Liquid Gold arrived in the post from Adore Beauty the other day and I am so excited to see some results!