1. Our home computer has been upgraded and woot woot it’s a fancy one! It also runs Windows 8 so any suggestions on pretty apps that are worthwhile… please feel free to share 😉

2. Beyonce released this part one video explaining why she put out the visual album. I’m coming around to it (the album) incredibly slowly but would like to watch part two first.

3. I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading lately, up to 13 books at least since my last Bookshelf post. Currently I’m reading The Last Girl by Michael Adams and it’s really good! I love that it is Australian based.

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4. This weather has been rocking my socks off. As I typed those words, it started raining outside. BUT STILL.20131216_173135

5. We got a new computer. His name is Marcell. He is a Toshiba touchscreen and it’s an incredibly happy threesome.


6. I got nothing.