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With exactly a fortnight til New Years Eve, I thought I’d take a look at the year that has been (2013) and think a bit about what I’d like the next year to be for me (2014).

I am all too aware that I like to go big when it comes to my goals, regardless of if I’ll complete them or not – my hopes are that if I have them listed down somewhere, I’ll be more likely to complete them.

I still have my yearly birthday bucket list, such as…

Get engaged // go to IMATS 2013 in Sydney // review my entire makeup, hair and skin care collection // learn conversational Korean // ride in a hot air balloon // swim with dolphins // attend a concert by one of my favourite performers // holiday on an island // get a photo in front of the Sydney Opera House // make a stained glass window // mend my own clothing // watch a movie marathon // learn to say “no” without feeling guilty” // eat from a food truck // write and finish NaNoWriMo // fly in first class // start providing BioSculpture Gel nail services in-home salon // create a walk in closet from a bedroom // upgrade to an iMac // master cooking enough meals for a month of food // have a pet // go whale watching at Hervey Bay // take up yoga // grow Allardi lavender in my home garden.

I have crossed out above the ones I actually completed. A total of FOUR. Still better than nothing! When we flew in business class from Sydney to home last month, I counted it as first class – it’s hard to get a first class plane in Australia where we went this year!!! First class can be a maybe one day when I travel internationally perhaps. I have bolded SIX items that I will still aim to do before my birthday in mid-February, and italicized the FOURTEEN ones that I will attempt later on in life.

We won’t even bother addressing my overly ambitious goals from the beginning of 2013. HAHAHAHA.

I won’t do a birthday bucket list in 2014 probably as I will stick to a first quarter of 2014 list as below most likely. I will update it quarterly if all goes well. This year I will be going a bit simpler than last year’s…


FINANCE: Eliminate the smaller portion of my debt

CAREER: Get a mentor for becoming a cosmetic manager at work

TRAVEL: Make plans for a trip to Perth later in 2014

PERSONAL: Meal plan more often

HOME: Move out with my partner to our own place

FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS: See people more regularly

I dream obsessively of routine so let’s see if that can happen between now and the end of April 2014. Let’s do this!!


Have you made goals already for 2014? What’s on your list? I’d love to hear them!