1. I changed the background on my tumblr today and it feels super fresh now.
2. It’s finally storming here in Mackay and I am stoked. Also, we are going away in three days so I won’t have to deal with the clogged toilet if it happens due to constant rain. Win/win!
3. I am reading the third (and final, I think?) book of the Hunter Kiss series and it is all coming to an end. I have enjoyed the books so far but am looking forward to being able to read one of the other books on my shelf.
4. This week I’ve been super obsessed with Sephora, and as a result the Formula X nail polishes. They’re deffo on my wishlist.
5. Speaking of wishlists… I hopped onto Polyvore and reopened my old “new” account and went a little crazy with a “if I had all the dollars in the world” wishlist.

01. by mrsdamn featuring Clarins

6. Officeworks finally has metallic sharpies! I picked up the gold, silver and bronze.
7. Absolutely loving the Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes. On my fingers today: #317 Hip Hop.
8. Tomorrow I will be prepping for a financial appointment and preparing myself for the Budget Month of December.
9. I am really hoping NYX will be in my local Target soon. Annoyed at having to wait so long.
10. Think I’ll have to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic again soon.