1. I had a bit of an organising binge on Friday (my day off) and I cleaned out the above bookshelf and moved a bunch of clutter from the front of it and I am SO HAPPY with how it looks now. I also scrubbed the shower raw and enjoyed being a domestic goddess. Goddess, I tell ya!

2. There are several pieces from Country Road and Witchery that I am really liking the look of…  Namely the Broderie shell top and skirt, along with a pair of striped pants.

3. I wish I had a dog. Like, a companion. Also, there is something outside.

4. NaNoWriMo isn’t going well for me.

5. I am going on a surprise getaway weekend later this month and cannot wait to chill out a bit many k’s away from work and Mackay in general.

2013-10-26 23.12.59(Sidenote: I wish all ad’s were this pretty.)

6. Sephora VIB sale is on now and I want ALL of the things! Edward Bess’ Edward’s Best Palette, Origins Ginger Treats Set, Kate Somerveille Dermal Quench Liquid Lift Wrinkle Treatment, Guerlain Crazy Pearls Illuminating Powder, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold… just to name a few. Oh, and even though we can’t ship them to Australia – I am drooling hardcore over the Formula X nail polishes. LEMMINGS!!!

7. Natalie’s travel posts about her recent trip to Europe make me want to click around on the Webjet website. In all seriousness though, I can’t afford it, so not gonna happen for many years to come! It’s lovely to read about though, and gosh the photos are inspiring.

8. I’m currently reading the Hunter’s Kiss series by Marjorie Liu, I’m onto the second book called ‘Darkness Calls’ at the moment, really liking it although sometimes I don’t connect the dots quickly enough.

9. Since selling my MacBook Pro in anticipation of upgrading to a Mac with a cinema display sometimes in the next six months, I’ve been missing iMovie like crazy and as a result haven’t actually uploaded any new videos on my YouTube (a blessing, I’m sure, as I can and will talk under water folks)… can anyone recommend something amazing to edit with or shall I just wait until I have iMovie access again?

10. Loving Britney’s new song, Perfume; a lot of Avicii, and whatever else Google Play Music shoves my way since I forgot to cancel my free trial and paid $11.99 for a month of free music and subsequently blitzed my phone’s data plan. Oops, bugger that. I’m home tonight sands parents in laws so up goes the volume on the speakers!

11. I’ve been experiencing the weirdest bit of dandruff right up near my hairline in the middle of my forehead area. It is so frustrating!! Not sure why it’s acting up!!

12. The Bundaberg Rum drinks I’ve had tonight have made spellcheck a need not a want.

13. Last night I watched Grown Ups 2 with a friend and REALLY enjoyed it, much better than the first one I think. I haven’t enjoyed an Adam Sandler movie so much since Just Go With It. Next on the WDTV Live, I will be watching Byzantium… looks interesting anyway.

14. Is it tacky to want some of these hot pink Brian Lichtenburg shirts?

15. I am so over McAfee Site Advisor, honestly. It is just way too sensitive.

16. Cleaning out my YouTube subscriptions, any suggestions as to who to check out going forward??

17. Way too many points for a Thoughts of the Week post but I have a lot on my mind right now. Possibly going to fall asleep soon, gosh alcohol makes me tired.