Seems like all I do these days is blog about books, and I do apologize but this is the lifestyle blog of a blush junkie after all. With the Sydney IMATS event on this coming weekend and my lack of beauty spending due to minimal income I will definitely get onto some beauty reviews in my existing collection.

Today I am returning ten books to the library, only half of which I actually read in full.


VIII – This was a book about King Henry as a child and morphing into the crazy man with all the wives. It was okay but I much preferred a lot of the backstories and side characters than I did the actual King. It was okay.

The MagiciansKimberley recommended this after reading it and loving it. I loved it and enjoyed the world it built however at times did find the main character Q quite a depressing lad.

Poison Princess – This was the beginning of a new series about an apocalyptic world Arcana (tarot cards) style which I enjoyed even though it was mainly a world building book as many first books are. I guess that is why most first books are my favourite in most series, I am a bit of a world building junkie.

Pedigree Mum – I read this one most recently and it was lovely, fluffy stuff with a slight twist at the end that I really didn’t expect.

The Assassin’s Prayer – I do enjoy quite a lot of historical fiction as long as it is fiction twisted, and not a retelling of history with some fiction slotted in. This was an enjoyable version of the former. Being the story of a female medic in the medieval times it made me very grateful times have changed! I got a bit queasy at parts.

Then there is an equal pile being returned that I was just not interested in wasting my time with.


Out of It – is a political book set overseas and I’m really sorry but I didn’t enjoy it. I quit after several chapters.

Mammon – I picked this up based on the cover looking cool, however flicking through it I don’t think I would enjoy as it is all demons and demon rifts and I only like those in Cat Adams books (I even hated the demons in This Is The End).

The War of the Worlds – I was reading this as prep for the last book I’m returning (see below) but aliens and people in old school England just weren’t doing it for me and this month I have just been brutal in not seeing books out to the end.

Thirst – This is the beginning of a spin off series from The Last Vampire. It starts basically in the middle of a scene from the last books which I hadn’t read and I am fed up with authors thinking everyone reads every word they publish. Again I was drawn in by the covers which were fresh and interesting to the normal gloom and doom vampire books. This was a no deal.

The Map of the Sky – this was the book that I was prepping for by reading The War of the Worlds. In the end, seeing as I couldn’t be bothered finishing TWOTW I just didn’t even bother. Yes, I was a lazy reader this month.

E-readers and such:

Terminated – this is the third in the Revitalist series and I adored it. Zombies done well.

Current tally of books read and noted in The Bookshelf Editions (give or take a few that I can’t find) is up to sixty one.

I am still listening to the audiobook Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult and probably won’t finish that for another week or two at least as I am going away for a week so won’t be able to listen to it in my car. I have also started reading a lot of HP Fanfiction again as I tend to do this when I get stressed, it is like comfort food to me.