1. Young and younger me. 2011 and 1999.

2. I have not spent money on a beauty product for a month. 30/46, almost there.

3. I have just downloaded the first season of Boardwalk Empire, the second season of Hart of Dixie, and the third season of Downton Abbey; as well as the movies Admission, Epic, Petunia and the documentary Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s. I don’t plan on being very social until I depart for Sydney in two weeks.

4. I am considering doing a social media/internet ban the first week of October and just focussing on books and catching up on movies and shows. I really recommend Aldiko Premium app on Android for reading pdf’s and other book files.

5. Despite being on the Pill twice a day, I am still encountering my stupid hormonal migraines and break outs and things like that. It really put a downer in my day. I am considering going off of it entirely. Is this TMI? Who cares. Please let me know if you have done the same and anything I need to look out for. I will of course be seeing my doctor and specialist before doing this.

6. Today I discovered my mum watches my YouTube. That’s a bit cute.

7. Currently reading: War of the Worlds. I am a bit bored and I don’t think I’ll like this or the next book I have planned. That will be three books I don’t finish this month already. Gah.

8. Jace is too damn pretty. Can’t wait for the second movie.


9. I am looking forwards to Agents of Shield, 24th of this month. Anyone else an Avengers fan?

10. I’m exhausted. Good night.