First. Second. Third. Fourth.

I seem to have stuck to quite a little series for ONCE in my life on this blog. August’s goals (casually published on my tumblr, over HERE, at the beginning of the month) included reading twenty books. I was just halfway at this goal when I took this photo. Amazingly nine of the ten books I have read have been physical books – some from the library and some from my bookshelf.


I have since read four more books and am halfway through several more including one audiobook. Depending on how this weekend goes (we are roadtripping a total of 10-15 hours) I may just make my target of 20 books for August.

The Newlyweds – it was okay. I didn’t mind the story but it seemed to stretch a bit and I really didn’t think the blurb on the front of it “I could barely tear myself away” was anywhere close to reality.

Home Song – sweet, and familiar writing combined with an interesting story made this an enjoyable read.

Encore Valentine – my mum read this on her NZ flight and thought I would like it, I definitely did and now want to read the others in the story as once again I’ve come in halfway through a series or trilogy. I wish some books made it REALLY OBVIOUS that there was a prequel or something. That said I can be completely blonde and blind sometimes. This was basic chick lit with the added bonus of shoe and travel envy.

The Name of The Star – yes, yes and more yes! Ah, Maureen Johnson, you do “I see dead people” so so SO well.

Idol – this was okay. More chick lit but entertaining I guess.

Gates of Paradise – this series is one of those ones that I just kept reading because I felt I had to. Thankfully it has picked up the pace this last book or two. The plot stretched over all of these books just feels all over the place. I admittedly miss it’s origins in a Gossip Girl-like school complete with bitchy little rich girls and beautiful scholarship students.

Spellcaster – Mmmm, this must not be very memorable. That’s a shame. I think it was a good book? I don’t remember right now. Dammit.

The Forsaken – I like the concept but it was a little less than the Hunger Games I felt it aspired to be.

Nameless – retelling or interpretation of Snow White. I loved this so much it was fantastic. A little Mortal Instruments-y at the end with the accidental sibling love… or was that just me seeing that?

On my kobo, I read Snuff by Terry Pratchett which was just classic him and intriguing to read about Sam Vines. That is all.

BTW: Just a quick movie mention – I went and saw City of Bones The Mortal Instruments the other night AND ADORED IT. Don’t judge me and sure as hell don’t start about fanfic blah blah (CP you know I love you) but it was so good. Jace was TOO pretty though. I ashamedly searched for cast interviews on YouTube for about half an hour after I got home, teenybopper style.

So road trip tomorrow. I better go pack!