Come Monday will be the beginning of a new week for me. I don’t count Sundays because my partner is home on Sundays and I prefer to leave them free for us to enjoy together (if I’m not working that day). So I will count the “last week of August” as Monday the 26th through to Sunday the 1st inclusive. These are not HAVE to be done items, just it would be nice to wipe some of them off my list!

In the last week of August I would like to…

  • Try four looks from the Rae Morris Express Makeup book
  • Read eight more books
  • Make dinner at home
  • Watch the sunset
  • Visit the chiropractor twice
  • Write action plans for both events one and two
  • Edit my next Youtube video
  • If possible film several more videos and upload ASAP
  • Continue overhauling storage systems
  • Find the perfect desk chair
  • Mend my tunic dress – sew back on button
  • Catalogue makeup collection in Excel spreadsheet
  • Work out AM and PM skincare routines
  • Take my vitamins morning and night as required
  • Try a double fishtail braid wrapped around my head
  • Make sure all my earrings have backs
  • Keep working on the GSD folder
  • Go and see a movie by myself
  • Burn a candle
  • Wardrobe culling
  • Plan out itinerary for Sydney Trip next month
  • Plan a surprise for my little sister
  • Try on some dresses to work out what I like

A lot but I like to have choices!! What are your plans for the last week of August?