1. Not far from my mind lately has been interior design, or that of improving my surroundings. I have made my bedside table more of a relaxing area with just books books books. I have also received my two Original Beauty Box makeup storage things and am streamlining my makeup collection slowly. We bought a new doona and doona cover set today too. I cannot wait to have a house as beautiful and relaxing as the above photo.
2. I opened a new Haus of Gloi tub of bubbling scrub today in the scent of Litchi Milk Tea and got a bunch of nursery rhymes stuck in my head. Great shower.
3. August goals are coming along swimmingly and now I am giving some thought to what my September goals will be. What are your monthly goals, if you have them?
4. I am lusting after Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Colour in Red Carpet.
5. Despite my many lemmings, I don’t think my IMATS Sydney trip shopping will be as crazy and OTT as last years. I hope.
6. I am halfway through my tenth book for this month, and I am reading Snuff by Terry Pratchett on my Kobo Reader app.
7. I am tired. It is bed time now. Good night 🙂