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A couple of lovely ladies, in particular the new-to-me Omega, came up with the idea of a weekly beauty challenge for Aussies and Kiwis – all genders are welcome, “if you love makeup, you belong here” – and I have decided to join the Facebook group to hopefully inspire me and encourage me to post regularly. The first prompt is My Favourite Lipstick.

This was a tough one for me. I have finished four lipsticks in the past few months. Dior Singuliere, Dior Radiant Pink, Chanel Aventure, and Clinique Woppin Watermelon. Although as my friend Chels pointed out online, it is difficult to remember that what is “most used” and “favourite” are two different categories. Eventually I realised that my fave lipstick when I was forced to think about it was quite simply, not a pink, but a sheer wash of jam… Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam, that is!


Image from All Cosmetics Wholesale.

This shade is completely gorgeous! I find it is perfect for this winter weather and whilst it is definitely not the first pick being in brown tubing and looking scarily dark in the bullet, it provides a sheer tint of colour to the lips that I absolutely adore.

Some may argue that this product isn’t technically a lipstick but who cares, it’s what comes to mind when I am pressed to think of ‘My Favourite Lipstick’.