1. This past fortnight or so, my Dad joined Facebook. That was interesting. Also, my Mum posted this: Damn You Auto Correct

2. I was doing so well thinking that there was nothing more from Dior that could possibly jump into my shopping cart besides the lipsticks (which I’m resisting so well as I have three that I love from them) and then Temptalia posted the following review. Oh my stars!



3. I am planning a Girls Night In event for mid- August and can’t wait for the actual night! Make your own pizzas and mocktails, beauty makeovers and makeunders, speed mani and pedi’s, fairy lights, lots of catching up and relaxing will be taking place!

4. The spacing on my WordPress posts is driving me nuts. See my recent BookShelf Edition post for proof. Does anyone know how to fix it? Much thanks in advance.

5. We’re going to go and see This Is The End at the cinemas this afternoon. Can’t wait!

6. I am so keen for fresh sheets on the bed tonight.

7. Loving this Ren mask I’ve been trying. Mecca Maximus samples for the win!

8. Sachet mocha’s are the bomb for the slightly cooler weather we’re about to have.

9. My hours at work have been increased, hooray!

10. I now have three out of four of my expected group certificates. C’mon baby….