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If I was a different person, I’d have regrets about my early twenties.
People who think they know best will tell you not to have regrets, not to look back, to live your life as if it were your last day.

I’m a fairly responsible person and a bit of a worry wart, so unfortunately I haven’t done quite so well on this score of living as if I was the sole inspiration for the XXX (Vin Diesel, not hard core porn gees) movie and its various sequels.

I have, however, lived quite happily without much thought for any consequences for my actions as I have not really ever jumped outside of the box with anything I’ve done so far. I don’t regret this, I am cautious and generally tidy up after myself.

I have a six month period of my eighteenth year where I’m pretty sure I drank more alcohol and McDonalds post mix Coke than any other substance and rarely did food past my mouth during this time that wasn’t one of the 31 flavours that Baskins had on offer.

I don’t quite know where I’m going with this post, I guess I am feeling slightly thoughtful and felt the need to keymash it out, where else other than my personal domain, my blog?

I guess what I’m trying to say, is that whilst I don’t have any regrets in my life, because I am so incredibly happy with my partner, with my relationships (bar one or two small niggling things as you do) with my family, and with where I am in lifeĀ right now, I do have a few things I wish I could tell my daughter one day. So here you go.

Dear daughter of mine,

I was so determined to leave school and jump straight into the workforce that I did not stop and think about what I wanted to do in life, I was so overwhelmed with the choices that presented themselves to me that I just blindly ran in to Grown Up Life and all the baggage it entailed. Delighted with myself for being such a Grown Up, I bought a unit and moved out of home at nineteen, I skipped university and travelling and became a very passionate salesperson selling something I wasn’t originally very passionate about. When things changed, I didn’t think anything through once again and it is only by luck that I am now doing something I absolutely adore and am with someone I can see being your father. Please don’t question me when I ask you to consider strongly taking a year off and travelling, and when I ask you to take a university or college course so you have qualifications on top of whatever on the job training you receive. I only want the best for you and yet in a way, what I want is the best for me, as it is not what I know for sure to be the best for you.


Love, your mum before she was.

On the bright side, voila! A post without list structure or bullet points. Hope that wasn’t too intense for a Monday night.