1. I have a 12 cm long scar on my stomach.
  2. I like to “crack” my knuckles a lot.
  3. My first job was at McDonald’s when I was 13.
  4. I’ve lived in three states.
  5. My favourite movie of all time is Stardust.Stardust_promo_poster
  6. I have not read the Stardust book by Neil Gaiman (yet).
  7. My favourite author is Tamora Pierce.
  8. People often tell me I resemble Busy Phillips from Cougar Town. I don’t see it.
  9. I have weighed the same and been the same size since I was fourteen.
  10. I read at a rate of approximately 626 words per minute.
  11. I write at a rate of 88 words per minute with a 97% accuracy rate.
  12. I wear contacts for 30 days at a time and sleep in them.
  13. I went to boarding school for the last three years of high school and it rocked.
  14. My favourite colour is either grey or hot pink.
  15. I have been with my partner for five years this Friday.
  16. I am not a good cook at all.tumblr_inline_mmadsht8dk1qz4rgp
  17. I am slightly OCD and love to keep things clean and neat!
  18. I’m a bit of an Avengers fan girl.
  19. I dislike the news, talk radio, newspapers, and advertisements. Also horror movies, homicide shows, and scary books.
  20. I grew up loving Julio, Andrea, and Dragon. I’m still in love with you.
  21. I am a very loyal woman.
  22. If I had to work for any one make-up brand it would be
  23. I dream of being able to get dirty (dance) like Xtina and Coyote Ugly.
  24. I will happily listen to Disney soundtracks all day long.
  25. I prefer jobs where I stand up all day rather than sit.
  26. I have had credit cards before and refuse to get any ever again.
  27. I have absolutely no problem with cleaning the house whilst nude.
  28. I am the oldest of three children.
  29. I was not born in the nineties.
  30. I am a size 14 in clothing, and a size 10 in shoes. Most of the time.
  31. I really love making lists.
  32. Beyonce fan. Fave perfume is Beyonce Heat.tumblr_moci7xvkI91ra63fuo1_500
  33. Rosehip oil on my face breaks me out something chronic.
  34. I cannot wait to get all Domestic Goddess on y’all.
  35. I played netball until I was thirteen.
  36. The only place I’ve been outside of Australia is Thailand.
  37. I once did a karate kick, my brother walked into the space I was kicking (it’s true!) and I broke my toe.
  38. I am really quite a bubbly person and a BIG CHATTERBOX in person.
  39. I have four piercings and they’re all in my ear lobes. I had a fifth (ear lobe) and sixth (nose) but they closed up.
  40. I have a very yucky reaction to IV’s and anaesthetic.
  41. I can’t wait to be a Mummy one day.
  42. I read magazines starting from the back page.
  43. I am an 11:11 time fiend.
  44. Lavender is my favourite flower at the moment.
  45. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a stage manager for The Lion King and other musicals.
  46. I don’t smoke.
  47. I adore chicken french fries and larb Pretz sticks.
  48. I definitely played The Sims an awful lot when I was younger… like up until a few years ago.
  49. The number one way to end a fight with me is to leave the house halfway through and I will run after you begging to make our peace so you don’t leave angry and possibly die in a car crash and we never see each other again. I blame a NSW government TV advertisement aired in the 90’s.
  50. My middle name is the city I was born in.



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