NB: These are listed in absolutely no certain order.

Hi there. So lately I’ve been quite enjoying catching up on my YouTube favourites. This post could be known as “The Most Effort I’ve Put Into A Blog Post In Ages” and it was inspired by missjshopaholic posting a video after a month or so of being away from our screens, I was so stoked I decided I had to start writing a list of YouTubers (the ones I could remember off the top of my head) that I get excited about when they release new videos… *big breath* so ENJOY!


1. Jess, Melbourne beauty blogger with a penchant for high end luxury items.
Website: missjshopaholic.com
Twitter: @missjshopaholic
Recently uploaded: May 2013 Beauty Favourites



2. Nicole, professional beauty American YouTuber whom I refresh the page for the most.
Twitter: @nguerriero19
Recently uploaded: Short(er), Sassy & Textured Hair


3. Kimberley, Perth beauty blogger – updates frequently and always quality content.
Website: hopefulaspirations.blogspot.com
Twitter: @kimmmyberley
Recently uploaded: Makeup Inventory #5: Brows & Concealers (2013)


4. Lisa, just one of the most amazing make-up artists ever & she’s British which is tops.
Website: lisaeldridge.com/
Twitter: @Lisa_Eldridge
Recently uploaded: Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial


5. Priscilla, Canadian book YouTuber with heaps of personality.
Website:  http://thereadables.tumblr.com/ or  http://www.thereadables.com/
Twitter: @thereadables
Recently uploaded: 2013 Viewers Choice – July Book Haul (Open)


6. Chels, from Orange is a beauty blogger and drag racer planning a trip to Europe.
Website: http://www.confessionsofabeautyaddict.com/
Twitter: @bloss59
Last uploaded: November Empties


7. Katherine, UK beauty blogger who brings a little something different to the table.
Website: http://wildkatmakeup.com/
Twitter: @wildkatmakeup
Recently uploaded: Spring Skies: Makeup Tutorial


8. Karissa, a Canadian living in Australia who I admire for being super honest.
Twitter: @satnightalrite
Recently uploaded: TMI Tuesday (39) Pink hair, Vacation and Kids


9. Fleur, from the UK and is planning a wedding on her other channel.
Website: http://fleurdeforce.blogspot.com.au/
Twitter: @fleurdeforce
Recently uploaded: High End Beauty Haul!


10. Ash, a vibrant Australian redhead who has been popping about for a year now.
Website: http://ozproductjunkie.blogspot.com.au/
Twitter: @OzProductJunkie
ecently uploaded: Current Faves! April/May 2013


11. Rebecca, organizing and goal setting queen.
Website: http://rebeccakelsey.com
Twitter: @RebeccaKSampson
Recently uploaded: Learning to Live Minimally: June Empties 2013


12. Dustin, super fantastic and very detailed Temptalia protégé who happens to share my name (almost).
Website: http://dustinhunter.com/
Twitter: @thedustinhunter
Recently uploaded: 
True Blood Cocktail Countdown: Gag Reel/Bloopers


13. Evan, amazing pianist who does covers of amazing songs and therefore makes them even more amazing.
Website: https://soundcloud.com/evan-d
Twitter: @evanduffymusic
Recently uploaded: Jua (Swahili for Sun or Sunshine)


14. Anita, punk loving beauty blogger whom I love for her reaction when the Vivids (finally!) hit Oz.
Website: http://www.pinkdynamite.net/
Twitter: @vulcanella
Recently uploaded: Empties #2


15. Ange, crazy awesome and I adore her eyebrows so much. Yang to Anita’s ying.
Website: http://www.oneskimmochaplease.blogspot.com.au/
Twitter: @caffeineinduced
Recently uploaded: Rimmel Apocalips – swatches + review (full range)


16. Essie, if you don’t know who she is yet I need to walk away right now.
Website: http://www.essiebutton.com/
Twitter: @essiebutton
Recently uploaded: Top 5 Mac Lipsticks


17.  Tiffany, super stylish beauty “guru” with gorgeous dog.
Website: http://makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com.au
Twitter: @tiffanyld
Recently uploaded: Inside My Beach/Pool Bag & My Fav Swimsuits/Coverups!!


18. Jen, the most organized person on the planet and super sweet to boot.
Website: http://www.organizedjen.com/
Twitter: @organizedjen
Recently uploaded: Craft Closet Organization


19. Rae, catering to high-end and designer brands and cosmetics junkies like myself.
Website: http://www.theraeviewer.com/
Twitter: @raeview
Recently uploaded: REVIEW: My Top 5 Liquid Foundations

And, last but never ever the least, is the YouTuber who inspired me to join in on twitter in the beauty blogger community, and therefore blogging and YouTubing…


20. Jade, super amazing down to earth vegetarian mama who does NOT look her age and has amazing long hair that I envy.
Website: http://jademusing.tumblr.com/
Twitter: @jadegrrrl
Recently uploaded: Empties

So that’s it. Still around? Recommend me your faves in the comments! Not on the list? I’m a scatterbrain. Link me so I can subscribe!