1. I have a sort of migraine and the right hand side of my sinus, jaw, back, neck, and shoulder is all seized up and painful – I think this is the cause… perhaps curled up a bit too tightly under the covers to avoid the cold air this morning? Ugh, I’m going to book in for a massage tomorrow morning.
  2. I was sent an email by Adore Beauty this morning with the lovely Zoe Foster Blake’s Top Five list of beauty products and a 10% off code. The code is ZOE10 and her products included Alpha H Liquid Gold, and Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask; both of which I want to try. Damn you, empty bank account!
  3. Speaking of filling that thing… I’m selling my 15″ MacBook Pro if anyone is interested please just email me at dustynrumble [at] gmail [dot] com, it is a mid-2010 model.
  4. I can’t say I’m a fan of Instagram video massively, but I’ll tolerate it. In other moving video news, I hate Keek but adore Vine.
  5. I’ve almost managed to cut down on all my magazines. I’ve got a few left to read and I’ve gone through ALL of the others including the “to be cut up” stash and now have just a few little A5 scrapbook pages of things I liked too much to forget about for long. It’s a nice feeling to know that once we start doing house or wedding stuff, I have a few pages of inspiration to get me started that have already been fine tuned.
  6. Please check out my BLOG SALE. These prices are all negotiable!
  7. I’m shipping my USA Ship It To items over in seven days and cannot wait to open the box – I’ve got two Original Beauty Box’s on their way to me as well as some goodies from Amazon and Nordstrom… The postage is going to be a horrible $303.27!!! The delicious Larb flavoured Pretz snack that I’ve arranged for will be worth it though!
  8. I am so lucky – I was raving about this recipe for Baked Parmesan Potato Halves that I’d seen on Pinterest to my partner, and how tasty it looked, and he took a look and made it just like that! It was simply divine and so filling! Definitely a “bad chef” recipe.
  9. I am SUCH A BIG FAN of Google Auto Backup for my photos. Makes blogging ten times easier. Just need to change it so it saves ALL my photos… not just the “Camera” folder… anyone know how? #geekproblems
  10. I reorganized my ten desk drawers today. Now I have two for hair (Dryer and products), two for techno gadgets and cords, two for stationary, one for nail polish, and one for first aid or medicinal purposes. Oh, and one for Haus of Gloi / LUSH goodies, with one for sort of everything leftover such as my camera and blu tack.

How was your Monday? Manic?