Yesterday being Sunday, my partner and I made a morning of it and had breakfast at a new place called Unwined. I had the above pictured French Toast which was the best I have had in my entire life. Bar the one at a place called Toscani’s which has crispy bacon and maple syrup. This one felt a bit healthier with the fresh pair slices and honey with mascarpone (sp?) cream. Delish!


Then it was off to work for a five hour shift. My Sunday felt cut in half and it was really the only time I spent with my partner this entire weekend just gone. #whinge

Since I quit my day job and have been waiting to hear about a potential new one (fingers crossed), I have been putting in more hours at Myer in both the cosmetics and electrical departments.

This means that whilst last week it felt like I did nothing, only working a few days, the week before I did plenty of hours and altogether it averages to sixty hours a fortnight. Unfortunately it is not enough to replace the productivity and income that my day job gave me. It is nice to have a bit more laid back attitude to work hours though I will admit.

Working in the electrical department mostly this week which is adjoined to the homewares section I find myself daydreaming frequently about decorating my own house one day and being the ultimate domestic goddess (burnt and horrible tasting food will never be mentioned) on a daily basis with multiple appliances purchased with my team member discount. It is a nice dream.

A lack of mobile reception coverage in the store including the lunch room, and a lack of money in my bank account and pockets, means I have been living off of bread and a variety of soups and canned goods such as baked beans. The bonus is the large amount of reading I have been getting done! The author Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series has been most interesting and enjoyable.


It is funny the things we think of when not able to do anything else but wait for a customer to walk in, or a pallet of stock to come in. Sigh… What’s new with everyone else?