Whilst away these past few weeks, I have devoured some lovely works of fiction that transported me quite happily from airport terminals, long car drives and strange beds, to worlds similar to our own but fantastically out of the ordinary.

As per my Holiday Reading Preparation post, I had been looking forward to the following three books which are all a sequel of some sort. I definitely enjoyed these, my only complaint is that they were probably too short (for me) and I wanted them to last longer!


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. This was so good! She’s also writing the Bane Chronicles with various authors until (I believe) her movie comes out. Check it here.

Oath Bound by Rachel Vincent. These books go way too quickly for me! I really like them.

Shades of Earth by Beth Revis. I enjoyed the ending but I have to say that I wasn’t as satisfied as I thought I would be, just like Ruins by Orson Scott Card, it was just kind of like “that’s it?!” at the end.

In addition to these three, which I knew would be basically shoe-in’s based on my previous enjoyment of the authors’ work, I also gorged myself on a couple of “beach reads”.

  • To Touch The Stars by Jessica Ruston. I love stories like these, the good old rags to riches story with a confusing family tree and amazing designs, in this case millinery.
  • The Bitch by Jackie Collins. I read the first of these books (The Stud) a month or so ago, they were bought cheap at a Big W a while ago I believe. I enjoyed this one more than the other however the books aren’t really my fave of her stuff. The more recent stories are way better. The endings are kind of non-existent.
  • Destiny by Louise Bagshawe. I enjoyed this. As mentioned before, rags to riches are my one of my favourite kind of reads, even though this wasn’t the conventional work your way up – she worked her way into a position to marry in. I love the second half of the book although sometimes was frustrated with the initial chapters.
  • Destiny Kills by Keri Arthur. I read this in one day and loved it. It’s about dramans, sea and air dragons that can take human form. This is the first in the series and is about Destiny and Trae – however I had read the sequel, called Mercy Burns – about Mercy – first. I really enjoy these books.
  • Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I have just taken a week to post this entire set of mini book reviews so I do apologise. I’ve read this book the past few days and really enjoyed it. Red and yellow and orange and green… that is all. 

So just a quick and easy mini-review of the above. More a keeping track of what I’ve been reading than anything. I do love my books!

Currently reading: Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder (love all of her books in this series).

Since I’m on a reading upswing, so to speak, I’ve been on the hunt for more Kobo Books promo codes and if you’re an avid Kobo reader like myself (I just have the app on my Android phone), then check out the Mobile Read forum – this post shares discount codes quite frequently that aren’t always available on the Retail Me Not site. Hope it helps some of you! I know it helped me with my last few Kobo purchases.

Next up on my (physical) shelves: Strikeforce Lightning, The Chemistry of Tears, The Fall of Lucifer, Nameless, Gates of Paradise, and Spellcaster.

Also: I am putting myself on a temporary magazine ban! Aside from my digital Google Play Magazines subscription to Vogue Australia, I have TEN unread magazines on my bedside table – that’s right, TEN!!! My “partners in crime” are: Harper’s Bazaar, Women’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Real Living (two issues of these!!), Vogue Australia (WHY did I get this when I get the digital version, I’ll never know), InStyle (to be fair this was given to me), Marie Claire, Shop Til You Drop, and Cosmo. I don’t know what happened or what I was thinking but until I have read every single one of them from back to front (as I do), I’m not purchasing anymore!

By the way, please feel free to add me on GoodReads over here – just tell me who you are please 😉 it makes it a bit easier. I love the email updates from GoodReads telling me what everyone is reading, even if I can’t be on the site all the time!

19/5: I hope everyone’s Sunday was delightful. After getting home from Sydney yesterday morning, unpacking, doing two loads of washing, reorganising and swatching my eyeliners and lip liners, and catching up on some YT subscriptions, I was beat! Popped on my new LUSH Brazened Honey fresh face mask and a movie, and had an early night!

26/5: I’ve been busy working the past six days and housesitting at my parents the past two nights so am finally having a day off tomorrow as well as Adam is coming home, yay! I’m also finding out about if I was successful for last Monday’s job interview tomorrow, wish me luck!!

What do you get up to on Sunday night? Do you have any Sunday night rituals such as face masks?