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It’s almost here! I booked my Blow Dry Bar appointment for next Friday in Brisbane! Cannot wait! I booked my Deep Water Dolphin Adventure at Seaworld for Thursday! 

If you could not already tell, tomorrow I will embark upon another holiday (unpaid leave but I’m told I’m still lucky) and as always I will need several books to read to keep me entertained on the flights up and down & on the long drives (we are going to Brisbane but from there going to Warwick, Ipswich and Gold Coast and then back to Brisbane). To begin with, I will bring along a book or two from my unread physical bookshelf, probably The Bitch by Jackie Collins.

However for moments when I am able to use my electronic devices the following will be devoured…


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. Oath Bound by Rachel Vincent. Shades of Earth by Beth Revis.

Please note: these books are all sequels or parts of series, trilogies, sagas and what have you and books that I have been EAGERLY awaiting. I am actually halfway through the Clockwork Princess one now so I’ll probably finish it tomorrow during the inflight; after take-off and before landing times that I can turn my phone or tablet on (in flight mode!!).

I will be posting a “The Bookshelf: Second Edition” once I get back from holidays.

Oh, and for 30% off at Kobo Books use coupon code gettingtoknowu08 which I can vouch for as working on most eBook purchases (some publishers won’t allow discounts) for TODAY at least! 🙂 I take no responsibility if it stops working.

Do you have any book recommendations for me? By all means, please leave them in the comments, as these will not last me the whole trip!