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  • It’s that time of the month (not what you’re thinking thanks) and I need to change all my passwords again. Anyone else HATE thinking these up? “You must use 8 characters at least, a capital letter, a symbol, a number, a lowercase letter, the blood of a virgin”… Argh!
  • Going to Brisbane region on Friday for ten nights…. any hot tips, anyone want to meet up, any must have items you can only get in this area (yes, I will do my best to get to Daiso) or a capital city, and places to see or things to do? Please tell me below!
  • Related to point #2… what to pack?!!!
  • Thanks to this horrible weather, I’ve been frequenting the BOM radar and the JetStar flight status page as their is a cyclone brewing off the coast of Cairns and apparently headed our way. Nasty #bigwet weather. Greaaaaaat.
  • 9 Days til I see Iron Man 3!! And stay at the Q1 and go to theme parks! And MAYBE SWIM WITH DOLPHINS OMG!
  • I recently cleared out pretty much my entire Google Reader by unsubscribing any blog that I hadn’t categorized . which was a lot. I’ve now gone from 218 new posts a day to 18. It’s so nice! However please link me to your blogs in case you were uncategorized – I only had a Voguettes and a TPFers folder that had anything in them – and I still have two empty folders called Twitter girls and also Tumblr reads – because everything else was messy.
  • I really want to take up boxing AND yoga in a class environment – no one will take on women here though. Sadness!
  • I’m a bit sad, lately I feel like Into The Gloss has stopped having such awesome posts – not a lot of insight into other people’s beauty cabinets. I want to be nosy!
  • Currently loving: Jessica’s new blog (she’s from VF), Norlin’s book review post, Kimberley’s book review post, Louise’s makeup bag, and Chels‘ thoughts of the week.
  • Sorry, I just couldn’t stop thinking.
  • Currently cleaning out my drafts folder also 🙂 love a good declutter!