Say hi to the Gold Star Challenge. As created by Kimmy, Jess, Jade, and Maya. Above image borrowed from here.

So initially this started as Kimmy asking around on Twitter about fitness goals. She was talking with JessJade and Maya and together they came up with the Gold Star Challenge.

It’s simple, grab a calendar or planner (I’m using the same as Kimmy from The Organised Housewife) and figure out what your goals are. They can be fitness or nutrition related, or anything else. Figure out what you need to do each day to get that gold star.

So I’m starting to do this as of last night – my starter goals are as follows:

  • Write a blog post or film a Youtube video and publish or upload weekly
  • Read one book a week from my current bookshelf stash at home (another idea borrowed from Kimmy!) as I figure I have about ten there half-read
  • Use my Clarisonic Mia every night until it turns itself off

So far so good and I’m just using a Gold permanent marker to do my gold stars which is more fun (I’ve been using this marker for EVERYTHING lately) for me and I don’t have to venture into Officeworks to find gold stars!

I can’t help but kind of feel like my partner’s nephew must do – he was toilet trained with Freddo Frogs. I swear I WILL wash my face, read and blog in exchange for gold stars 😉

Anywho, I will be posting progress updates on here and on my twitter but to see how everyone else is going check out Kimmy’s blogJess’s blogJade’s blog and Maya’s twitter. I am very excited to join in with this and am planning on tweeting also using the #GSC hashtag.