ImageCompletely ripped off from Liz and Reese. Image from here.

Dear No Buy, I’m sorry we didn’t last anywhere near as long as we’d first hoped. Sometimes, you just have to admit that it isn’t going to work and go our separate ways.

Dear Peter Alexander, I’m sure we’ll be together forever! Teacup pants and a fudge brownie candle? Whatever will you think of next. 

Dear Adam, you are quite simply the best. Thank you for everything but especially for looking up Seniors Webcam 101 and baby goats on YouTube when I’m sad.

Dear rain, GTFO. It’s not even fun anymore.

Dear MacBook Pro, I think I’m REALLY going to have to upgrade you soon. You don’t do anything anymore and it makes me sad. I’m sure you’ll be happier with someone younger.

Dear Myer, so far so good. I’m really enjoying working with you! Thanks for finally paying me. I’ll see you this afternoon 😉

Dear Australia Post, increased pricing is NOT okay. However, thank you for delivering my present to Chelsea (I hope she gets it soon) and bringing me my orders from Factorie, Lipstick Republic, Getting Cheeky, and Adore Beauty.

Dear Council, please get back to me ASAP. I am awaiting good words from you.

Dear Mum and Dad, I completely understand if you want to move towns. Thank you for looking after me when I was sick. I hope you like the PA heat pack Mum, bunnies!

Dear Nana, please know that I would trade any amount of money to have you still alive. I miss you but thank you ❤

Dear Girly Problems, I’m sure we’ve discussed this before but I dislike you and the constant disruption to my life. The fever was NOT a fun time and now work hates me.

Dear end of the 12 day work week, you’re in sight! I can’t wait. 2pm tomorrow, it’s ON.

Dear Iron Man 3, no seriously I can’t wait. It’s going to be hard not to go watch you when you come out but Gold Class will be 110% worth it!

Dear Holidays, 20 days and 2 hours and counting…

Dear Reese and Liz, I hope my first effort at Friday’s Letters was worthy!