1. Everyone please go read The Belle Lumiere. I love her Thoughts of the Week!
  2. 21 Days til I see go to down south and see Iron Man 3 in Gold Class!! And stay at the Q1 and go to theme parks! And MAYBE SWIM WITH DOLPHINS OMG!
  3. I am really keen for a new job to make itself available on the 14th of May. That would be perfection. Sadly it would also mean I was stuck here for another 3 weeks before I go on my leave. Oh well. Would really like another job.
  4. I have a short shift in Electrical at Myer this weekend – only 10 til 2pm. Tomorrow I’m picking up some new work clothes from Myer as my current work clothes are trashed.
  5. Lady problems SUCK!
  6. Parcels are on their way to me, I can’t wait!