Over the past month I’ve seen a few decent movies that I thought I’d share with you all. I tend to go to the movies with my partner a fair bit and if he doesn’t want to see a movie that I want to see, I’ll watch it on my laptop while he’s away or drag a friend along. I have a LOT of Cinebuzz points (rewards program with Event Cinemas in Australia) and look forward to going to the movies, I even know my favourite seat number hehe… J12 in the bigger cinemas (here anyway) by the way! Here we go…

A Good Day to Die Hard

Seen with: my partner at the movies.
Liked best: how a standard Jeep just didn’t die.
Didn’t like: how suddenly I couldn’t care less about this movie! I usually love a good shoot em up and blow it up movie, but this didn’t really hit the spot.
Favourite character: the son’s guns. By that, I mean his muscular arms. He’s not a good looking guy in the movie compared to the advertising posters for it.
Least favourite character: the daughter of one of the Nuclear guys.
Would see it again: no.

The Host
Seen with: my friend Kristy at the movies.
Liked best: how it was a pretty good adaptation of the book.
Didn’t like: how the supply trucks got in and out without being seen, logically that wouldn’t have happened when you look at how it was all being filmed I mean.
Favourite character: Ian, Wanda’s man.
Least favourite character: Maggie (Magnolia, the aunt I think) she seemed like she shouldn’t have been in the movie, we could have done without her.
Would see it again: probably.

21 & Over
Seen with: my partner at the movies.
Liked best: the bull running riot and Jeff Chang “getting down”.
Didn’t like: ehhhhh a few things. One of the main characters ANNOYS ME SO MUCH.
Favourite character: Jeff Chang. Hilarious, cracked me  up. And the Chief!
Least favourite character: the “girlfriend” of the guy who gets run down by the bull. Skank.
Would see it again: maybe.

I Give It A Year
Seen with: my partner at the movies.
Liked best: the doves getting loose.
Didn’t like: people hooking up in doorways in a busy street…. um seriously tacky to me. I’m looking at you Gossip Girl too.
Favourite character: the Mentalist guy.
Least favourite character: Anna Faris, sorry she just ruins any character for me.
Would see it again: no.

So there’s my four really detailed reviews of the movies I’ve seen recently. Haha! I’ll work through the backlog of this year probably and then start on ones I see from today on – I’m looking forward to the following releases either on DVD or in Australian cinema:

  • Iron Man 3, trailer. You have no idea how keen I am for this.
  • Spring Breakers, trailer. Probably an at home one I think. Depends on my man.
  • Les Miserables, trailer. Will be watching this at home, alone!
  • Identity Thief, trailer. We’re meant to be seeing this tonight! Looks HILARIOUS!!
  • And a little bit of eye candy AND cars (perfection) is Rush, trailer. Squeal!

That’s all for now. Any movies you’ve seen lately you’d like to share with me? Comment below! My ultimate favourite movie is Stardust. What’s yours?

Til next time! X