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SEEING: I started watching season one of Downton Abbey, which is very enjoyable, and tomorrow I’m going to see Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters at the cinemas with my friend who looks like Gemma Arterton – I can’t wait to see Jeremy Renner in LEATHER!
TASTING: Snacks from the Asian market. Strawberry Citron slushies from Nightowl.
HEARING: For the first time ever, I got to hear the Like A Version song on Triple J.
SMELLING: Garlic and old shoes. Ugh get out of my nose.
TOUCHING: My phone – I’ve finally worked out (since June last year) how to touch type on my Samsung Galaxy S3 hooray!

Inspired by Sometimes Sweet over here.

PS Ladies, I have four powder Illamasqua blushers (two are cracked) that I’d like to swap for one or two of their cream blushers – I also have a YSL #59 Golden Melon lipstick I’d like to swap so could throw that to sweeten the deal in if anyone was keen or interested? Let me know! Cheers.


Isn’t she pretty? I love the yellow! This is my wallpaper at the moment.
ANYWHO! January was a hectic month it feels like it just flew by! It consisted of:

  • My Mum’s 50th birthday which was amazing and featured two TUBS of ice cream.
  • The tail end of my holidays which was great although I didn’t get paid.
  • Days at the beach house watching the “neices and nephews” chill out in the sand and play the Doggie Doo Doo game!
  • Successfully celebrating 30 days in to my No Buy Year on the 26th, yay!
  • My partner starting the new job (he got a promotion) and worked every weekend which made it even sweeter when I did see him – and he was a big sweetie too.
  • Getting a new phone to replace the faulty one that was slowly killing me thankfully.
  • Entering a LOT of Captcha’s as I got my blog commenting roll on! I hate captcha’s!
  • My brother’s 20th birthday where we went and had a peek at rings and also Chanel.
  • Lots of reading: Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey, Mercy Burns by Keri Arthur, Summer of Secrets by Alison Lucy, among LOTS of others! I’ve been trying to do as much as I can on goodreads but will have to step it up in February!
  • Planning our Melbourne trip in March – so far, I’m meeting up with a few ladies so if anyone else is keen please let me know on Twitter or email me!
  • Getting an awesome care package from Claire! Looking forward to her visit too!
  • Eating lots of Gouda cheese and plain sliced packet cheese.
  • Trying out #lippyaday started by @norlinm on Instagram – I was hindered the last few days by my data plan running out on my phone. Wahhh!
  • Mum got me a food processor so I can start doing smoothies at home which I can’t wait to do (have to wait until the house is ours first!) and eating healthier there too!
  • Did a bit of work experience for BioSculpture Gel nails for my study which was OK.
  • Attended an AMAZING surprise 30th birthday party for a friend – Vegas themed!
  • Got my organizing on at home – this is an ongoing project…
  • Started working on my digital declutter – see below!
  • Purchased way too much take out or eat out food – until I have my own kitchen I probably will sadly continue to do this. PATIENCE, my friends!

February will be almost as busy if not more! It’s my birthday on Tuesday (and Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day too!) and I turn 24. HOORAY! I’m going to write up a 24 before 35 list before I forget anything! I also want to do:

  • The January Cure on Apartment Therapy
  • Continue #lippyaday (we worked out I could do this for probably six months without stopping and that’s EVEN IF I DOUBLE UP with glosses on top of lipsticks some days o.0 yikes!) on Instagram – I’m wtmontana.
  • More work experience and complete my assessments for my BioSculpture gel nail studies! I am getting BioSculpture gel nails done at Miss Fox in Melbourne when we go in March so I want to be able to continue to maintain them when I get home…
  • Get a second job in beauty for a few hours after my normal admin job or for on weekends. I’ve so far had an interview at Myer but they’re getting back to me on Tuesday as to what they can do. Fingers crossed!
  • Stick to my financial budget a little bit better. I think the most unexpected costs are out of the way now! Minus the $755 RACQ insurance bill due on the 22nd. GULP!
  • Making plans with my friends to see them more regularly. It’s hard sometimes to work it in around so many people’s different rosters!
  • Do the complete February Digital Declutter and blog about it!
  • Practice curling my hair with my GHD as I don’t use it enough!
  • Go to the gym more! I’m trying to meet up with people there too!
  • Look into local schools for a proper stage with curtain – I want to get married on a stage complete with draped velvet curtain!!!!!!! (Not engaged, sorry, just working out what I want ahead of time hahaha)
  • Schedule some blog posts – I’m going to do a series on Makeup Inventory and a video on storage soon if anyone is interested

What are you looking forward to in February?