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Happy Sunday everyone!

I thought I would do a happy little catch up and post some little lusty lemmings at the same time! Instagram makes me want so many things, I abuse my screenshot feature a zillion times a day haha…

My Sunday Instawants (above)…
1. @bfigwood‘s Sigma brushes – especially those gorgeous kabuki brushes!
2. @neek72‘s Zoku Pop maker – I have been bugging anyone who walks through Myer with me since I first saw these months ago. Moment we own the house and have a new fridge freezer, these are gonna be a permanent fixture! So many yummy recipes!
3. @eye4style‘s LUSH popcorn lip scrub – I have the mint julips and sweet sugary ones of these and can only imagine how tasty the popcorn one would be! These are a must have for me when applying lippy it is my first step – lip licking good!
4. @_aje_‘s Justinian dress in white – this dress is so gorgeous! Despite not being engaged myself, I have been keeping an eye out for some gorgeous white dresses as inspiration for my sister who recently got engaged on top of a mountain in NZ! I can only hope I am next hehe 😉
5. @eye4style‘s (again, I know woops but there are so many pretty things haha) gorgeous Swarovaki ‘Rachel bangle’. So much pretty!
My phone has been acting up something shocking so yesterday I went in and got a new one – the exact same phone, just the Sapphire Black 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 because I love it so much. I will actually give this to my boyfriend once my phone is back from repair (if they actually fix it this time that is) and we will sell off the extra phone to cover the upgrade fee. But in the meantime I am so extra pleased that I have a working phone again!

I have been using a weight loss coaching app called Noom to help me track my meals and exercise etc. It is so far so great that I upgraded to a yearly pro pass!


Noom helped make me aware that I really wasn’t eating anywhere near as much vegetables and healthy foods as I thought I was. I absolutely love vegetables so that had to change! So as I was heading to my mums for a sleepover, I suggested we had a “vege party” for dinner. We also made non-dairy smoothies with raspberries, mango, orange juice and heaps of ice. They were delicious! For dinner, we ended up having steamed broccoli and carrot, corn on the cob, along with my Mum’s amazing caramelised sweet potato and chicken butter mushrooms and then I made my new fave – roasted cauliflower with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and minced garlic cloves. So much yummy!


I don’t cook at all pretty much but that will change once I have my own kitchen again – I miss baking and am dying to try making flourless chocolate cupcakes!

Currently the No Buy part of my life is coming along nicely. Any extra money I’ve had has been put on my car loan and I am enjoying getting it to zeros! I did purchase a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet/phone/macbook on Amazon ($50 cheaper than buying it from JB Hi-Fi) and the lucite bracelet storage also which are on their way to me but as these were both on my list as an exception I wasn’t too fussed. Summer I general tends to be a bit of a stuff around as almost everyone in my family has their birthday about now. I still owe my sister her Jimmy Choo perfume she is being so patient! This payday I am sending it down to her ultra bubble wrapped! My brother has his birthday this week and it was my mums last week. Then it will be my birthday!

I have been trying to think of birthday wishlist type items – my partner is going to give me monies to spend at Miss Fox in Melbourne when we go down in March so I will be getting the heart manicure, brow threading, and hopefully going bronde! Apparently my grandparents are just doing money for everyone’s presents this time around,which is lovely of them as I will get to choose – so I will most likely visit the Chanel counter and pick up the Coco Noir perfume, as well as I have been eyeing off the Or Rose waterproof eye liner and the Beryl waterproof eye liner (Lisa Eldridge used this in her most recent brightening makeup YouTube tutorial, it really is excellent) and the highlighter powder is gorgeous too. My birthday feast will be at a local Asian restaurant and I cannot wait! Last year I got gastro for my birthday but had a great time at my party even though I never got to taste the cake 😦 so this year I am going low key and just going to enjoy the time with my family and friends.

As usual I have rambled and it is time to go make another smoothie for breakfast!

🙂 Til next time…